For those who have done it, the indescribable rush that hits your blood as you fly down the road at 100mph weaving through medium traffic-- it's one of the clearest feelings you will ever be aware of, and have absolutely minimal control over.

You can feel your heart pick up just a bit faster, and your peripheral vision expands, sharpening and focusing on the other cars around you. Your breath quickens ever so slightly and you can feel your cheeks warm as the flush of excitement begins to creep across your countenance, and as your grip on the wheel is tightened by just a fraction of a hair.

It is so easy to wind yourself up.

Remaining calm is key.

Losing sight of the other car behind you, it is imperative to continue and search for the most efficient and least dangerous route around the slower cars you immerse yourself in.

If you let it get to your head, you will surely lose.

And that is something, that no matter how much you say you don't mind, you still do.

To be the fastest car on the road, you must swallow your pride and mind your lessons.

But only some times.

Most of the time, it is more fun than it is serious competiton. Someone who shares your exact thought at that exact moment, and taking off, you keep each other company at speeds reaching up to a hundred miles per hour, if you're lucky, during the long commute to wherever it is you're going to. Or coming from.

As you thread through lanes of cars, your goal is either to catch up, or to be a good lead and to pick the right path.

It is similar to flying.

And absolutely exhilarating.

Leaving you breathless and triumphant.


Even if you are not able to lead, you are able to follow-- and that is an accomplishment unto itself.


The danger.

It is your skill and heightened awareness that aids during the scanning of traffic around you. It is also chance and luck that you remain the fastest, as your speed is dependent upon those around you. You place yourself in their hands, and pray they stay constant in their position.

It is your responsibility to watch the traffic, re-planning and moving accordingly. At such high speeds, failure could equivocate to fatality. The potential presence of a law enforcement officer is a minor aggravation, but better that than scattering yourself across the freeway.

Luck and skill. It is all you need.

To be the fastest.

The feeling is...

It makes you feel...


And that is just the beginning.



As a general disclaimer, I by no means endorse such racing down any road or freeway. It is incredibly dangerous and you risk your life, as well as those of others, when you do.

Personally, it is something that I enjoy, but I do make sure I race in the safest way I can: giving the other cars around me enough space (no I do not cut unless I absolutely have to, and yes I *always* signal) and not ticking any semi's off while I'm threading through. Yes I know it's risky. And yes, I know it might just kill me. But it's still a risk I take willingly.

I'm hoping it's just a phase I'm going through.