Two Men

Judgment passed and the opportunities formed
of it: he no longer
has to reflect off brassy gold or faux-silver
no---he must only a whisper a bit, explain:

centered around the becoming-real
of himself. Fitzgerald used "opulent" to lend description. I disdain it.
Now that he has reserved Fitzgerald,
now that he is Hawthorne and
Emerson as well. I display that he is more than staff-padding Notes…
let him alone! He is Perfect.
Looking ahead as one Must look back,
yet looking back only because he is Supposed to.

And he differentiates. He must!
no one else attempts to, he
despises rehearsal simply because that Act confirms

for him. As to me---? Well-

Sometimes I believe Yeats was right, and Sometimes I do not.
continuous only if Hemmingway was as well, and,
O Lord, I hope that is not so!
to compare Nouveaux Rich in glittering passages, and both
Types of meaningful recklessness.

For there are echelons even in unstructured Modernity.
I believe so. I despise Gertrude Stein even when coining-the-phrase
too Simplistic. Not forests nor war-time Images as Uniforms and gold
zealots or otherwise. No Despots.
Getting to the Crux of it, he rises majestically to
every Occasion because he has always risen in the first place,
really---how else can he explain it? If I am required to…shall I?
All of It? He depends on Fitzgerald,
leaving me with even further removed obscurities to
Depend upon.