Thoughts of Life

All of mankind's wars, they start because of arrogance.

It is a pitiless thing, and war is merciless.

Are pride and arrogance the same thing?

To an extent, yes. True only if your pride leads to arrogance.

Can someone be ignorant and arrogant at the same time?

I believe yes, because maybe in their ignorance, they are arrogant.

Why do we take sadistic pleasure in shedding blood?

Why do we have the need to be Superior?

Why do we let others define what we do, look, and/or dress?

Why do we conform ourselves to their definitions?


Just for clarification, this is life as I see it, and I live in Minnesota. Therefore please do not be offended by this if you either;

Don't see things my way,

Don't live in the United States,

or Any other reason you could be offended.

Thank You

Heather A. Moeller