Skeleton's In The Closet

In a cradle

I appeared

A young child

With hopes and dreams

My wish was

To become a doctor

Just like my mommy

She was great

When I was six

I fell from my bike

I scrapped my knee

And I cried

Where was mommy?

I didn't know

I was sad

And cried all night

Daddy held me close

But I pushed him away

I wanted to be

All alone

He wouldn't let me

Be all alone

He had other plans

That no one wants to know

I sat there later

Beneath my cover

A quilt my mommy

Made for me

When I was born

I never stopped crying

Because I hurt all over

I wanted mommy

But she wasn't there

She never did come

When daddy came again

Turned on the lights

And put a smile

On his face

I remember that smile

It was slightly…scary

He always smiled like that

When I was near

It was almost



I didn't know

What it meant

In real life

But I never

Got to

Say a single

Word about it

Daddy said it would

Be alright

To keep quiet

And that would be it

Mommy never left

She was always there

Daddy just hid her

Because he was scared

Someone might find her


How would it be possible

To not find a

Hanging body in a closet?