Planet Aether. A mysterious planet where humans and great beasts take part in a game of life and death every single day. Each human is born with hidden skills, whether it be elemental and unique. Although, only few people know how to tap into it. It is now a time where using technology to fight battles is favored instead of harnessing these skills. Slowly, humankind draws closer to totally forgetting about their special skills.

The story begins in Luminecia. One of the five continents in Aether. A battle is currently taking place between the Luminecian Kingdom and a merciless group called Deathbringers. The deathbringer's leader, Only known as Evil, uses fierce monsters to annihilate the Luminecian forces. His sole purpose being the death and destruction of the Luminecian Continent. After 2 years of brutal attacks on every city.

To combat this threat the luminecian kingdom created a special non military unit trained in using their special abilities. They are the luminecian kingdoms last hope.


Note: Here it is.... sorry my prologues aren't that good...

Note: this will be very logn... so i'm planning to cut off some episodes (fillers) to make it shorter

Note: gomen nasaiiii I did this when i was in grade school so the plotting may suck bad...