Silently you lay there alone and sleeping.

Mournfully, we all stand here sadly weeping.

Forever will you be remembered for who you were,

Not as a fool caught on the lying God's lure.

To us all, you are but an ethereal enigma.

Silently do you sleep through my suicide stigmata.

Cold as ice yet burning hot, I search for you.

Burning cinder and freezing snow, I'm born anew.

So long ago now, you were here beside me.

But on this unforgiving day, you're the one who's free.

Through the dust and ashes of your demise-

Is a frightening sinner who I so despise.

Alive you were, asleep you are and will remain.

I thrive to see you, for you to see me again.

But i Know such hopes are impossibly far away.

Brooding madly do I hope for that day.

There you were, here you are, here you will be.

Stained, drained, and tainted just like me.

Your vaporous enigma, my suicide stigmata.

Your vaporous stigmata, my suicide enigma.