1 Prologue


…It’s become a war of attrition -- a war that will ultimately end them all; the forces of good, against the forces of evil; the ultimate battle for supremacy. People have denied the existence of greater beings for thousands of years. Scientists have constantly tried to prove to us that we’ve evolved from the earth and it was impossible that someone, or something, had planted the seed in the first place. It’s quite ironic that none were to be seen in the public eye when all of this came to be, when the threat became very real.

Here I am, sat in this lonely cell, trying to piece everything together in my mind. It’s a story that I’m considering committing to paper someday, so long as I make it out of here alive. Many things still don’t make sense to me. Everything that I’ve been through up to this point, has changed the person I am. Those who once knew me would know me no more. No longer am I Cameron Munroe, nine to five office worker with a mortgage to pay and a family to feed. I’ve become something greater; something on a grander scale. I’ve become Earth’s final hope…

…I know it shocked me at first too. To think that some puny little runt like me would juggle the World’s balance in the palm of his hands. I’ve looked at myself in the mirror, over and over again, and still haven’t seen anything but a mass of nerves and jitters. Things don’t look good for Earth. I’m presently behind bars in the deep darkened dungeons of a derelict building in a demolished London city. I’m only one of Earth’s ten thousand survivors; considered to be the honored few that are forced to serve the one they loathe the most. All of us have religious beliefs, including myself, although mine have never been strong. I’ve always had belief, but merely a casual one; choosing to accept but never going out of my way to make it known publicly. Yet, I’ve been kept alive for a different reason -- a reason that to this day, I still find hard to believe…

2 One


London, England

One year ago