The Harker Diary

By Schrodinger's Cat

Author's Note: I began writing this story in Grade 10 when my grammar and storytelling skills weren't the greatest but through the years I have realized that it has turned out for the best. Rune, my main character, is writing in her journal and because practise does make perfect, it seems quite natural that she would improve as the journal progressed. Also I've found that although the air-headedness in the beginning was intentional I had not, at the time, meant it to be so obvious. This will be rectified soon. However, I've found that like Rune's writing skills, the situations she has gone through have forced her to grow mentally, much like myself. Again, I apologise for some of the childishness in the beginning because it was not meant to be so blatant but, if you read this part quickly the story will get very very good. I promise.

Another note is that I mention some bands/novels/pop culture things that some may not understand. I will someday make a little list to describe them or change them altogether to make them universal.

Finally, I have written a Cast of Characters, but since the descriptions contain spoilers I will ask that unless you wish to be spoiled do not read them until you're at least half way through the story…(update 7/22) or I would have put them up if were compatible. The format I did them in comes out all wonky so I'll have to start working on that. (update 12/10) Actually, looks as if Fictionpress might have made my format compatible. Going to have another go at it.

If you review, thank you for taking the time. I appreciate all the praise I have received but I also am no wimp when it comes to criticism. Please criticize constructively! I will love you for it!

Yours truly,

Schrodinger's (rather wily) Cat

Cast of Characters

All right, a brief note on characters. After writing this story for so long (2 years already!), I have come to conclusion that I need to organize my characters. Since I am a fanatical organizer, this was quite a natural step. In the beginning, I had never dreamed that all these characters would be introduced and it still boggles my mind that these 'incidental characters', as I like to call them, became indispensable. I adore all these characters because I, for some strange reason, see the good in everyone. And because I do this, I like making my characters well rounded, not good, not evil, just human (or in this case, witch or vampire).

Update 12/10- Finally posted this! Looked so much better in old format…oh well…it's better than nothing!


Casper Harker - A slightly absent father to Thomas, Rita, and Rune. Married to Georgia Harker.

Thomas Harker- Casper and Georgia's oldest son. Into Psychiatric medicine. Slightly dim concerning domestic life.

Mrs. McCarthy - A Physics teacher at Rune's school.

Mr. Meddle - A school counsellor with a fascination for teenage schoolgirls and the colour orange.

Cole Stafford - Irrationally emotional and therefore a perfect match for Rune. Works as a bodyguard and general go-to man for the WAV.

Patrick - A beefy bodyguard for the WAV.

Rale - A slightly less beefy bodyguard for the WAV and Cole's best friend.

William - A sensitive bodyguard for the WAV.

Mr. Cadoc - Tai Chi master at WAV. Very insecure and unsure of own masculinity.

Dr. Scholl - Creepy but very jolly psychiatrist. Reminds everyone of corns and foot ailments.

Laurentiu Tsepes - Head of the Tsepes family in the 17th century. Married to Crina and father to Mihai. Wife-beater and terrible father.

Crina Tsepes - Unfortunate wife of Laurentiu Tsepes. Well meant young woman. Loving mother of Mihai.

Alida Tsepes - Mihai's fiery young wife.

Michael O'Keefe - Jolly looking man with a less jolly heart.

Seamus - Ancient friend of Rajnish. Kind.

Liv Durhuus - An affable young woman. Also a nomad.

Witches (with elements)

Rune Harker - Hot-blooded daughter of Casper and Georgia Harker. Sister to Rita and Thomas. A passionate teenager, a voracious reader, and easily angered. Fire and Wind.

Georgia Harker - Wife of Casper and mother to Thomas, Rita, and Rune. A spiteful, manipulating woman but also acutely sensitive to her family. Earth and Water.

Rita Harker - Sister to Thomas and Rune and daughter of Georgia and Casper. A surprisingly sophisticated young woman desperately in love with her goals. Water.

Merideth - The first witch. A Hexe.

Shara Finn - The creator of the WAV.

Lor Stafford - Cole's much older sister. A doctor in the WAV infirmary. Water.


Au'ksle - The creator of the vampires. From the tribe of Pestula. Fascinated by human social patterns. Likes to experiment.

Sorin - The first vampire, an experiment. Very aggressive and cruel. Sired Vladimir.

Stockton - Au'ksle's second vampire. Strongest of the Triplets and sired in Cardiff. An older man than most vampires. Is very sensible and meticulous.

Ulbrecht - Au'ksle's third. Middle child of the Triplets and sired in London. Born Phoebe but changed her name because feminist. Is smart scientifically.

Conall - Au'ksle's fourth. Youngest of the Triplets and sired in Edinburgh. An Adonis of the vampire world.

Vladimir - Sorin's nephew and only fledgling. Manipulative but inept at siring. Sired Morana, Vlad III, and Mihai.

Ifan - Stockton's first fledgling. Notoriously elusive, not much is know about him

Maris - Stockton's second.

Rajnish - Stockton's third and Lord of the Vampires. An arrogant SOB with the face of a Botticelli angel. Frighteningly powerful but blithe. Sired Amaya.

Morana - Vladimir's first. Incredibly beautiful and ethereal. Highly possessive of Stribog, her lover. Often Rajnish's second in a duel. Sired Durga, Stribog and Vasco.

Vlad III - Vladimir's second. Appeared in Bram Stoker's Dracula. Enjoys manipulating mortals. Inept when trying to frighten.

Mihai - Vladimir's third. Unlike most vampires, has no relationship with his sire. Known as the Vampire with the Ever-Changing Eyes. An almost Byronic Hero and hopelessly in love with Rune.

Amaya - Rajnish's first and only fledgling. Desperately in love with her sire and ravishingly beautiful. Only 12 years a vampire but incredibly powerful. Quiet and intense.

Stribog - Morana's second. A bald lackey and Morana's lover. Useful as a go-to vampire.

Vasco - Morana's third. utterly dim and subordinate. An embarrassment to the vampire community.

Ramses - Mihai's first. An absolute rake that doesn't quite seem completely on his rocker. Somewhat cruel in his methods, he is very powerful. Another Adonis of the vampire world.

Hildur - Mihai's second. A botched attempt at company for Mihai

Cara - Ramses' first and Mia's older twin. Utterly insane and frighteningly cruel. The quieter one of the two known as The Butchers.

Mia - Ramses' second. Cara's younger twin. Also insane and cruel. The more barbaric of the two.

Words by Loreena McKennitt

The thundering waves are calling me home to you
The pounding sea is calling me home to you

On a dark New Year's night
On the west coast of Clare
I heard your voice singing
Your eyes danced the song
Your hands played the tune
T'was a vision before me.

We left the music behind and the dance carried on
As we stole away to the seashore
We smelt the brine, felt the wind in our hair
And with sadness you paused.

Suddenly I knew that you'd have to go
My world was not yours, your eyes told me so
Yet it was there I felt the crossroads of time
And I wondered why.

As we cast our gaze on the tumbling sea
A vision came o'er me
Of thundering hooves and beating wings
In clouds above.

As you turned to go I heard you call my name,
You were like a bird in a cage spreading its wings to fly
"The old ways are lost," you sang as you flew
And I wondered why.

On a dark New Year's night
On the west coast of Clare
I heard your voice singing
Your eyes danced the song
Your hands played the tune
T'was a vision before me.

We left the music behind and the dance carried on
As we stole away to the seashore
We smelt the brine, felt the wind in our hair
And with sadness you paused.

Suddenly I knew that you'd have to go
My world was not yours, your eyes told me so
Yet it was there I felt the crossroads of time
And I wondered why.

As we cast our gaze on the tumbling sea
A vision came o'er me
Of thundering hooves and beating wings
In clouds above.

As you turned to go I heard you call my name,
You were like a bird in a cage spreading its wings to fly
"The old ways are lost," you sang as you flew
And I wondered why.

Sunday, May 19, 2002

5:56 PM

Cloudy, chance of rain.


Welcome to a journal that you should definitely not be reading. Severe punishment will be in store for you if you continue. But if the person reading is you (you know who you are) then there will be no punishment just happy congratulations for actually having the guts to re-read this! Good for you.

Now, where was I? I was going to write something very important, and now I've forgotten. I'm always like this, forgetful. Ah yes! I remember. There are 3 things that are very wrong with my life.

1. I have no parents. Well, I have parents. Where do you think I came from? It's just that they are never around, always at work. Don't ask me what work though; they're just always at it.

2. I have no friends, no friends that count anyway. Plush toys don't really give enough ear for what I usually have to spleal about.

3. I live in Ireland. Sure sure, Ireland, the Emerald Isle. Ha! It's cold here, it rains all the time, and to make matters worse, I live out in the country. I hate the country.

All right all right, I'm not exactly all-alone. I have my big brother Thomas to keep me company. He's quite old, but not so old. He's 24. I know, that's not that old but when I was a little girl he was always so old to me! Moreover, I figured if I've grown up and he's grown up and he was already old than he must be old now...right?

I had a sister. Her name was Rita. She was 17 when she disappeared. No one really knows what happened to her. It's sad to think about right now. I'll get around to telling you about her later...

Anyway, today I actually saw Mom and Dad. They came home early from work. I bet they felt guilty about not spending time with their (now) only daughter, especially around her birthday! Oh, birthday is in about a week...heh heh...let's just leave it at that.

My room's a mess. I still have moving boxes stacked in the corner from when we moved here a year ago! God, I miss Canada...

Just finished a really good book called 1984 by George Orwell. I can't say too much about it since I'm still reeling from the ending, but one thing I can say: VERY INTENSE.

The house is burning down! No, I'm just kidding. Thomas is trying to cook again! Mmmmmm, another potato casserole! Delicious... HUH! Should I write what Thomas just said? I think I should...just so I remember how absolutely stupid it was.

He said, "Rune! Come down for dinner, or I'll smoke you out!" Yes folks, the stupidest line in Canada.

Sorry, Ireland...

Monday, May 20, 2002

5:34 PM



I hate school with a passion. I hate the teachers, the students, and the building! I hate it all! But eh, the fact that my parents are paying like a zillion dollars (not really, just felt like writing ZILLION) means that I had better appreciate going to such a prestigious academy.

But hey! On the plus side I passed by this old abandoned castle on the way home. I wonder why I didn't see it before. It looks really explorer-worthy. Tomorrow I'll stop and take some pictures.

The great thing about where I live is that I'm close enough to the city to walk there. I ditched last period to go to the public library. The library is amazing! It's 5 levels of books upon books upon books. So of course I had to get a library card that instant. And of course I had to test it out, ya know, just to see if it really worked. Heh heh. I borrowed this weird looking novel. Supposedly, the author, Anne Rice, is famous, but I have no idea who she is. I liked the front cover though, mysterious looking if you ask me. Hmmm...Interview With the Vampire seemed interesting. Hollywood made a movie of it, I think. I've got to make a point about watching it someday.

So, since I'm bored I guess I'll tell you what happened to my sister. I had just gotten home after my first week of school at hell's academy. Oh, sorry, Bell's Academy (what a stupid name for a school, eh? Ach...). My sister had a study period last so she took the bus home; at least that's what I thought. I checked her room and to my extreme shock, her room was empty. Not just the empty, when you're looking for someone and they aren't there. It was the empty that was empty. No bed, no curtains, no dresser, no clothes, NOTHING. She disappeared. We haven't seen her since. It's disturbing, but I still have some hope. The police haven't found her body she could still be alive, couldn't she?

Well, I'm cooking dinner tonight. As usual my parents are nowhere to be seen...what do you think? Should I leave them something mouldy for supper? I think I will! Serves them right for never being home! Especially around their little girl's birthday and all. Hee hee!

Tuesday, May 21, 2002

4:11 PM

Cloudy, teeny itty bit of blue sky.


All right, so I didn't get around to that castle I was writing about before. Uninspired inane teachers giving uninspiring inane homework! ARGH! But, hey, an exceptional idea came into my head on the way home from school. I shall wear miss-matched socks tomorrow! Ah-Ha! That will teach them to force students to wear a uniform. I know it doesn't seem like much, but after a while, I'm sure it will get to those fascist freaks.

For as long as I can remember, I've never known what my parents do, how they met, etc. I know so horribly little about them, it's really quite sad. The thing that particularly chaffs my ass, is that I see them looking at me. I know, that seems to make no sense whatsoever, but it bugs me. I catch them looking at me when their around (which is rare, mind you) and they both have this freakish glint in their eyes...not that I'm against freaks. Hey, I'm one of them, it's just the glint that bothers me...Since when do they have the right to have a glint in their eye because of me!? They're never around! They do not deserve a glint!!!!!!!!!!!

Oh hey hey! Double plus (YES! 1984) awesomeness! Thomas has graduated university and has acquired his degree in psychiatric medicine! I'm so proud of him. I'm sure my parents would be too if they were around to actually hear the news. So on Thursday I'm going to act the proud parent bit. Squeal, take pictures, and nudge the annoyed couple next to me that he's my brother! This is going to be awesome possum!

All right all right, I must flee now. I've Physics, English, and Math homework for tonight! Oh joy!

Thursday, May 23, 2002

7:10 PM

Sunny, exactly 2 clouds.

Excited/High Strung

All right all right all right! Short entry because I have to catch the bus in 5 minutes, but this could not wait! Something very weird happened at hell's Bells today. It is definitely not a laughing matter. I was early into school so I decided to go to the Science Wing and catch up on some reading because no one is ever there, but that is unquestionably beside the point. Walking down the hallway, I just got a horrible repulsive feeling in my stomach and my hands went very cold. I round the corner and there is my Physics teacher, DEAD. She was just lying there in the middle of the hall...I had this impression that she was dead without checking for a pulse. It's like if it had been pulsing I would have known. The thing that surprised me the most, however, was that I felt calm and comfortable. The feeling in my stomach went away and my hands felt normal. I just walked the opposite way, back down the hall, towards the headmaster's office.

Ah shit! It's been 10 minutes! I'm going to miss the freaking bus! I'll be late for Thomas' grad...phooey...

Friday, May 24, 2002

7:10 PM

Grey, all just very very grey.

Feeling Grey

Sorry I couldn't finish my story the other day. Anyway, I went to the headmaster and said, "Mrs. McCarthy's dead," (and of course he looks at me in disbelief, so naturally I continue) "She's down the hall outside the science lobby. I think she's been there a while. You should probably do something."

Of course he doesn't believe me and gives me a disapproving glare. So instead of standing there arguing with him whether my physics teacher is dead or not, I leave. I really did not want to be there when all the commotion commenced and have sympathetic girlie girls hanging onto me telling me everything will be all right. DUH! Hello! Miss Calm and Collected standing right here!

So anyway, Thomas graduated yesterday and as usually my parents had no idea. Well, no one told them but they should have known, somehow... I stood in for them and pulled the proud parent bit, and as I predicted, the couple sitting next to me were extremely annoyed. I laugh at them for not being as spontaneous as I! They probably would never know how it feels to dance in the aisles...I do however.

I was not late last night! After writing in my journal, I ran to the bus stop only to receive nostril full of exhaust. So I sat down and felt very shitty indeed. I even shed a few tears. I mean, I was missing one of the most special days of my brother's life! The sun set, unfortunately, while I was waiting for the next bus. So I started to walk home...I did not like being out by myself at night. A black car stopped by the side of the road in front of me and this (extremely handsome) stranger stepped out and asked if I needed a lift! IF I NEEDED A LIFT!!!!!!! So perfect! This guy was so perfect...drool He had kind of shaggy black hair and really dark green eyes. He wore black slacks, black tee, and a trench coat. He looked the epitome of COOL. (Obviously not "cool" as in the "in" crowd cool, but cool cool. Ya know?)

So, of course I said, "Mmmmmmhunh, pommk..." I am such an idiot. I am so remarkably daft.

But he must have been able to read minds because he said, "Hop in."

And suave me, I actually hopped in. I am the biggest dork. I thought I was funny (and apparently he did too because he laughed, which is nice mind you) but now that I look back on it, it must have made me look like I was 2!

So, yeah, found out his name is Ronan Tsepesh. He's 19 and works at the newspaper office. I didn't dare ask more...I told him my name though and of course did not have the sense to embellish my age. I just said 16. Oh well...

I hope I see him again.

Hee hee.

I'm going to apply for a job at the news office...

Saturday, May 25, 2002

12:42 PM

Another Grey day...

Slightly annoyed.

Saturday, a totally kick ass day! I must get out of this house! I'm going nuts! So, my day shall go like so: Spend an hour or two taking photos of that gorgeous gloomy castle and hanging out reading there. At approximately 3:00 go to the news office and apply, check out the library or some books in it, rent some movies, eat some dinner, then catch the bus home. What do you think? I think I will definitely enjoy this day.

I have just told Thomas that I'm going out, so naturally he asks "Where?"

"Oh, just out. I'll be back sometime tonight." I say in my usual vague way.

He pulls the parent handbook out (not really, I could totally picture him reading it while he was talking to me, I cracked up.) and says "Rune Merideth Harker (ohhhhh serious!), I do not want you out past dark, all right?"

"Worry? You have no need to worry; I'm a martial arts machine! (Oh yes, I've forgotten to tell you about my, er, ability?) No one would dare take a chance against moi!" And I leave grabbing a handful of bills from the money tray near the phone, for dinner of course.

So, now that I have freed myself from that stuffy environment, I will tell you all about my (see? I'm already picking up the language here! ARGH! Daft, me, etc.) martial arts hobby. When I was young, my parents noticed that I was very weak. I mean exceptionally weak, no strength whatsoever, especially compared to a normal 3 year old. They decided that if I kept this weak business up, I would be totally easy prey for some kidnapper or weird they enrolled me in Tae Kwon Do, Tai Chi, and Kick Boxing. I was only 3! But I loved it. I remember that. I cherished every session I had. So I kept it up for 12 years until we moved here. My father even took an interest and started teaching me at home when he could. This was rare mind you. He was good actually.

Sunday, May 26, 2002

9:04 PM

Greying Night time


So yesterday was really like supernatural weird. First off, I thought for sure that no one used that old castle anymore, but was I ever wrong! After an hour of careful exploring, I found this very odd concealed room. I only found out about it because I literally fell into it. When I actually looked at the room, it took a long time for the whole thing to sink in. Rows upon rows upon rows of coffins! There were torch sconces in the walls and torches in them that looked like they had been burnt just that night. I was totally freaked out because, hello! Coffins IN the ground, please folks!

I took a few very creepy pictures and then got the hell out of there. It really made my skin crawl.

I spent a half an hour dawdling downtown, until I reached the Daily News. With resume in hand, I charged in and handed it to the secretary. She looked a tad startled when I did so, but she accepted it anyway and told me she'd give it to the editor to look over. I had enough nerve to ask whether Ronan was working today. The secretary said she didn't know who he was but would check.

I said, "Oh it's alright. It's not urgent. I'll be leaving now." There was no way he would see me in stalker 'tude. Hmmm, Tsepesh doesn't sound Irish to me. Maybe he's from elsewhere in Europe. Oooo exotic!

I walked around a bit more, but I started to get hungry so I went to this awesome little café on the corner between Beasley's Used Books and Major and Minor Music. I ordered a Ham and Cheese Croissant and a Coke. Yum yum yum!

I then had time to kill so I browsed at Beasley's and bought The Count of Monte Cristo and a new X-Men comic.

But, huge surprise when I caught the bus home. I didn't look where I was going (I was way to engrossed in my comic). I sat down in an open seat and who was beside me but a Monsieur Ronan Tsepesh! I nearly melted, but thank goodness I didn't. It would have been embarrassing if he had to wipe off bits of Rune from his incredibly black, black slacks. Blech! So, anyway, he obviously recognized me and said,

"Hi, your that hopping girl, aren't you?"

ACH! I was the "hopping girl"! He didn't even remember my name! How humiliating.

I said, "Yes, and your the gentleman in black are you not?"

Mon Dieu! What a daft thing to say!

Nevertheless, he said, "Ronan. It's a pleasure to meet you again," and he shook my hand.

I swooned.

However, managed to croak out, "No, it's really my pleasure."

Then he noticed the book I bought, and laughed when he saw the comic. He told me that he had a secret love of X-Men also and asked my favourite character.

I told him, "I could never choose between Wolverine, Nightcrawler or Gambit. I always thought they were the coolest! What about you?"

He said, "Without a doubt, Professor X. His intelligence is only rivalled by his smoothness in a wheelchair." Why couldn't I have said something like that? Oh so mature "I always thought they were the coolest!" Give me a break!

But sadly, the bus stopped near my house and I had to leave. You know what he said? I will never forget this.

He said, "See you."

LIKE HE'LL SEE ME LATER!!!!!!!!! sigh