Author's Preface


I'd always dreamed of adventure.

In all my life, I had one adventure I wished for in particular. To be taken from my home and everything I knew, and placed on inside a fantasy with my image of the perfect person. I put all of my traits and poured my heart and soul to make Alex a parallel to myself. Alastair, on the other hand, is the perfect person, in appearance, personality, likes, dislikes, and what have you.

If I couldn't have my dream, I might as well have a girl in similar likeness to myself play out the adventure. This is a story of magic, of comedy, mystery, irony, and tragedy...of friendship and love, of good times and bad alike. No one knows how my soul longs that Alex were in my place, and I in hers. I hope you, the reader, enjoy my dream as though it were your own.

~Kris Yamaki

Started May 14, 2002, finished and published on November 3, 2002.


Legal stuff:

I created Alex, Alastair, the Rauh√Ľn, their king, the world of Adan-gwann, Ethir, the plot -- everything, unless otherwise noted, is my own creation.

I also own the song in chapter nine (it says chapter ten in the pull-down menu, but that's because this supposedly counts as a chapter *rolls eyes*), and if anyone's wondering, it only took me a little over ten minutes to write it out.

Please review, no matter what you think of this story. If you didn't like it, I accept negative reviews as well as positive ones, but please tell me how to improve if it doesn't suit you.