Screaming, bleed, a tainted heart
Thorns, piercing, tearing me apart
Torn between two opposing forces,
My heart, my mind, two different sources
Painfully I wonder which arguing voices is me
Warm, loving, hopeless romantic?
Icy, cold, death wishing fanatic?
My heart says one thing but my mind says another
If I can't rely on both,
then maybe I should rely on my soul

Thinking of him,
Thinking of friends,
Thinking of you,
This is where my heart wins against the endless battle

Sister, too.
Although I hate to admit it,
Sometimes even you,
Driving needle sharp thorns through my heart
Causing hateful thoughts,
Hateful thoughts that are able to conquer the heart

What should I do?
Everyday I walk
Laughing at times even when we talk
So easily I am able to fool
many people like you, them, even me
Cause everyday I smile and joke as if everything's okay
But a shadow still lurks
following me and sometimes you
Cause everyday I smile and joke as if everything's okay
you are unable to see, they are unable to see,
the war, the battle, burning, fighting, inside of me
It's supposed to be that way, I made sure it always seemed that way
but if you think about it closely, you might be able to see
how the fake smile I tease actually keeps the shadows at bay

I smile while the battles still rages
The answer why?
Known not even by time or the ages

One thing I know for sure,
I don't cry as much any more
Maybe because the battles fails to breathe
As painfully and slowly it takes it's leave

Fake smiles, fake laughter and even chatter
Confused? Now, it seems like you don't even know me

Honestly, I have to admit,
Not all of it is an act or a fib

Being around you, them, and him
A real smiles appears from the heart
Where usually the light is dim

Maybe there's hope of me after all
the hate won't win where my heart might fall
For once, the suggestions in my heart seems quite bright
Could it be that maybe there might be a shining light?

Answers still unknown as I ponder to myself
Seeking the key that will open my truth self
But right now all I can do is ask a small favor
Help me collect the little love left hidden among the darkness
Before I can no longer see the light's brightness