him against the world
By: ShinigamiForever

He is always so right it pisses me off,
always like McCarthy or Hoover or the Russian leader-
what's his name? Nikita?-
who banged his shoe against the podium and yelled:
we will bury you!
we will bury you!
That's what it's like, but what you forget about him
when he is wrong.
Ah now, there is something both terrifying
and docile
at the same time.
When his eyes are pinned to his own fingers against lined white paper,
when his head is down like we usually are
and I not should be happy about it, but I am
and that is
what bothers me the most. That he can awaken
vengeful feelings long buried, ticking away at our
He will marry mathematics
and his parmour will be genius
and somehow between the two he sill dance.
Each human interaction only fuels his hunger more,
a hunger in his eyes like a blind man and color.
Sometimes, I feel as if he could swallow us