Two Shadows on a May Afternoon
By: ShinigamiForever

I. You can be eggshell white
and I
will be soft toffe brown
and we'll go hand in hand
trampling through the dirt.

II. If you will be the Artic snow
I will be the desert sand because
I want to be so different from you
that you will love me
even more than I want to hate you.

III. Last time I told you
that I compare you to day but
I take
it back now. You are akin to
an Indian night.

IV. You are not afraid of
silence and I am
frightened of it. And I
do not want you to be silent
but you are. So There.

V. You laugh and that is
I have never heard before because
he laughs so much more than you
and you mean so much more than him.

VI. I like scents and touches
but you prefer sights and sounds
so we can go traveling and
taste the world together instead.
If you want.

VII. Let's not go to the beach
and instead stay here. We can
pretend this library is ours
and that we are its dreamless children:
books. The musty smell of age.

IX. You shall not make me
look up at you and
you shall not make me
believe in you and
you shall not- but you have.

X. I hate you.
I hate you.
I hate you.
I hate you.
But you do not hate me. Guilt.

XI. Poetry is not your forte.
You do not like to question what
you have been fed and I am
never satisfied with what I get,
and we make a bloody fine pair.

XII. It is not that we
are ill suited but more that we are
too well suited and that
makes things difficult
when I want to be completely alone.

XIII. I will not be the one
to say goodbye because
you are never here anyway and
because you always get the last word
even if it is just goodbye.