with one hour left
By: ShinigamiForever

I. know this; no one likes getting magnified
everyone wants to be plastered on subway walls.
but not shoved under a lens
and watched. Panic.

II. The minutes ticking away
like so many glass raindrops
hitting your face.
I forget. You know that.

III. Frenzy of movement. Chalk dust falling
in his face and black hair.
Animated talking and too old eyes.
how I wish I were not here.

IV. Overlapping letters as he admires
the beauty of mathematical formulas
which I do not understand much less can prove
it comes to him like breathing dreams.

V. No salt and pepper hair.
no sagging wrinkles and peeling skin.
No bent and crooked back.
Is math his elixir of life?

VI. Standing on the edge of something
new and uncharted and I will
jump if and only if
he will guide me.

VII. If it were only my humiliation at stake
I wouldn't care
but I don't want him to
condenscend me because I believe-

IX. He does calculations like I write poetry.
He spins the numbers and diagrams around,
watching them form more drastic reactions
then he ever planned. Life in his pocket.

X. The converse of you teaching
me is not me teaching you but rather
you realizing I have
something to give. We learn.