Commander of War

Chapter One

A/N: This might not be the title of this story. I dunno. But this is an original, mind you,. There are things taken from Trek and Wars, such as references and well you get the picture. These characters do not exist. I think you're getting where I'm going, correctamundo, keemosabi? Yes, I know I butchered that spelling but that's okay. . . just nod and say you understand. Anyway.... oh yeah. I would like REVIEWS on this thing. So here's the deal. 3 reviews(I would like them to be signed if possible) for each chapter until the next is uploaded. I'm so mean, I know. Another thing: I have the word 'colored' in here. I didn't know what else to say--no offense is meant at ANYBODY. Okay?


Jaslyn Asnum walked down the halls of HQ. Hayes wanted to see her at 1400. Something about command of a starship. She hadn't really paid attention to Hayes until the question of command popped up. What was the name of the ship again? Oh, yes, the Huok.


"The Huok, correct?" Jas asked.

"Yes, that is correct. With that, Commander, is the rank of captain." Hayes said, raising an eyebrow.

"Wow. Well, what are the stats?"

"Dalmok-class. Most advanced in the Imperial Fleet. Perhaps when she gets out of docking, she might be named the flagship."

"Well, if it gets me away from HQ, consider the position--and the rank--accepted."

"She leaves the Dock in two days, I would be ready, like always."

"Trust me, I will be."


Jas could hardly believe it. A ship and a crew of her own. She washed her face slowly. As a result, the cleaner stung her eyes. She cursed herself in her native language as she wiped away the soap.

Commanding the Huok would be an interesting assignment, compared to negotiating trade routes with the Japnams after the decommissioning of her ship she had served on before as first officer, but dangerous with the war that had just broke out with the Copsernems. Though Jas would rather be on the front, she was nervous about having a new crew, though Hayes had assured her the senior crew were veterans.

Jaslyn sighed. This was ridicluous--fretting about a veteran crew! They were probably more nervous about her--a newly promoted captain. But she had been the first officer on the Wazua, the old flagship. If Jas was in their position, though, she would be worried, as well.

Only one more day of torture, Jas thought glumly.

*One day later*

Jas walked onto the shuttle craft that would take her to the Huok. She wasn't nervous, exactly. She only wished the reporters would leave her alone. Bless the Fleet, they weren't allowed onto the actual ship. Thank the gods they weren't, or she'd take out her ray gun and zap them all--to hell with a warning shot.

The shuttle landed in the one of Huok's six docking bays. All the reporters swarmed Jas, yelling last-minute questions to her.

"How do you feel about being first in command of the Huok?"

"What are your final thoughts on the negotiations with the Japnems?"

"Are you apprehensive about the Huok holding out against the Copsernems?"

Jaslyn reached the safety of the outside of the shuttle, where what she assumed was her senior crew was waiting.

A tall man about her on height, roughtly five feet, eleven inches with curly black hair stepped forward to greet her. "I am Commander Jacqyes, your first officer."

A woman now stepped forward. She was about 30 years of age, five feet, ten inches, and very pale. She had collar-length brown hair, and green eyes. "I am Kristina Alcheya, the Medical Officer."

A man took a long stride forward to join the others. "I am Kent Jalnie, the person who keeps this ship running." The others all glared at him, and he smiled. He was about 31 , with jet black hair which laid straight. He was about five feet, seven inches, much shorter than Jas, with a dark skin.

Another man walked forward. His body was slim, yet looked powerful, standing about five feet, four inches. "I am Aaron Yolak, serving in Security." He had the crisp accent of the Dormani people, though he was humanoid.

A woman crept forward, taking short little steps. She was strongly built and was colored. She was roughly two inches shorter than Jas, and wore her half-back hair braided into small braids, coiled on the top of her head. "I am Rachel Krugler, second officer and guidance."

Jas nodded, remembering everyone's names and positions. "Obviously you all know who I am--oh, thank the gods!"

"Excuse me?" was the general response.

"Oh, the reporters. Such annoying people."

Rachel Krugler stifled a laugh, and Jas offered a small smile to only Krugler. A senior crew of five, six including her. A good crew from what she had been told, as well as read. Jas was looking forward to the next years with this crew and ship.


Someone knocked on Jaslyn's door. "Come," the door hissed open, then shut, almost effortlessly.

"Commander Jacques, welcome."

"Please, Captain, off-duty feel free to call me Mylo."

"All rgiht Com--Mylo, but call me Jas or Jaslyn." she offered a smile, and she was happy to see Mylo return it. "So, why did you come by here? Surely they don't want to kick me off already?"

"A more deeper hello was all. I always make it my duty to get to be. . . friends with a new commanding officer. I guess I could say, 'the captain.'" Mylo seemed to ponder this for a moment.

"Oh? Well, that would be hard, if I were you, though I used to try, as well."

"Hopefully you'll be around here for at least a year."

"Oh, I don't plan on leaving any time soon, Mylo." Jas replied impishly, and Mylo offered his smile. "You haven't changed a bit," she whispered. Mylo stood straighter and pretended not to hear.

"Good night, Jaslyn. With any luck, the Cops will be at home crying over some ancient battle they blame the Fleet for." he said crisply. Jas tried not to let her anger show. He had no way to speak like that to her--he knew it struck home was the only reason he did.

"I am not a lucky person. Neither was my father." Jas added bitterly.

"Get used to the fact that this ship is jinxed when it comes to the Copsernems. Will you ever get over your father's death?"

"You mean his murder?" Jas growled out savagely.

"Good night, Jaslyn." he repeated crisply. With that, he walked out.

"Good night, My," she whispered to no one but herself. This would take some getting used to.

*The next morning*

Jas walked onto the bridge, amazingly well rested. The arrangement was somewhat different than her old ship, the Wazua. The commanding officers' chairs faced the lift doors, which were on the left. Her Ready Room was on the right. The main viewer was in between the doors, helm and secondary were halfway between the viewer and the commanding officers' chairs. Behind Jas was the security panel, fanning out slightly, where Lieutenant Aaron Yolak stood at the ready. Behind Security and Weapons were various consoles, spread around in no paticular order.

"Commanders Krugler and Jacques, report." Jas ordered the moment she stepped off of the lift.

"Ship is running at Light Factor two. Heading to the Ronal IV system, where we are delivering medical supplies and assistance to Tomariag fever." she turned to face Jas, whose seat was in the center, flanked by Mylo on her right, Rachel on her lect. "ETA is putting us at two days."

Jas nodded once in understanding as she turned to Mylo, "And you? Have you done your homework?"

"Yes, sir. The Ronalians are a humanoid species, with longer fingers and shorter stature. Their culture is commericial. They will insist upone meeting with you, and follow their customs, meaning all hair down," Jas groaned. She usually wore her knee length red hair pinned up in a tight bun, keeping it due to her religion, Alkantya. She had been allowed to have it at that length, as long as it did not interfere with her duties. Mylo smiled. "It is only a short meeting."

Alarms started going off all over the bridge, making everyone jump to readiness. She stood up, then sat down. The Huok felt as if she would return to normal space at anytime. Sure enough, the Huok was in empty space in ten seconds.

Empty space, that is, before you thre in the Copsernem fighter fish, as they were unofficially dubbed, for the ship was long and sleek like an eel.

"Deflectors up!" Jas ordered, "Fire up the ray cannons, hail them on--oh, to hell with that idea. Brace!" The Huok rocked madly.

"Deflectors down to 61 percent," a lieutenant sitting at the helm relayed.

"Mr. Yolak, fire the rays at will."

"Aye, sir." The Dormani replied. Their rays fired from the belly of the ship, the blue rays of destruction rushing to damage the Copsernem fighter fish. The ship was consumed in a ball of flame.

"Three to go, Lieutenant. Any hails?" Jas asked. Yolak nodded, and her communications officer on-duty shook her head.

Somewhere in the middle of the chaos, the lieutenant sitting at the helm cried out over the alarms, "Deflectors at 30 percent." Then, as suddenly as it began, enemy fire stopped. Yolak had destroyed the last of the fighter fish.

"Where are we, Helm?" Jas calmly asked, as if nothing had happened.

"The Planoma sector, approximately 36 hours to Ronal IV."

"Set course back for Ronal IV. Does anyone have sensor readings about how they pulled us out of Light?"

"It seemed they flucuated their shields, Captain, along with emitting a few kilograms of plasma. It somehow created a gravity surge, pulling us out of Light." Jalnie's voice said over 'Link,' their way of intership communication.

"Could any ship do that with minimal damage to itself?" Jas asked, putting her thumbs between her uniform belt and shirt. Mylo locked eyes with her and mouthed, 'Beat me to it.'

"Who knows? I doubt it could, but it's still a weapon. The thing is, I can't give you Light, only impulse power."

"Jalnie, I need Light to get to Ronal IV with those medical supplies."

"I know, sir. But the repairs will take over three days."

"We don't have three days, and another thing, how did we get that crippled?"

"I don't know how, as of right now. I have a theory that it could be we were pulled out so fast and so suddenly. I do know that I will find some way to get the repairs done by the end of my shift. And on top of that, give you the fastest light factor--even if it is scientifically impossible."

"Glad we're in understanding. Bridge out."