Commander of War



Two ghost-like humanoid forms, a male and female, stood everywhere and nowhere at the same time. While these two had lived, their names had been Mylo and Jaslyn, but that did not matter now. For here, they were known as the Commander of War, and her counterpart, the Follower. From behind them crawled up a small female child, having no name, human or otherwise, yet.

"So," the Follower said, "It has begun."

The Commander of War picked up the child and held her in her arms. "Yes, it has."

"It will be a long struggle."

"I know."

The two stood in silence, then they look to their child.

"But it will be worth it." the Commander vows. "In the end, it will be worth it."


Commander Kent Jalnie, or KJ as he was called, stood on the observation deck of the newly reconstructed space dock.

The fleet from Komani had helped win the Battle of Copser, but the fleet had lost at least twenty ships. Engineers said it could take up to a half of a year to get the fleet back up to what it had been.

But it could not replace the Huok, in spirit, or those on board. Jalnie thanked whoever had been watching over him that he had been temporarily transferred to the Maspo. After they had limped back to Komani, that had been his current assignment. Now, while the fleet was being returned to normal, there was a war to fight. Komani would not make it official until the fleet was at full, but it was still a war.

His attention returned to space, at the two ships being commissioned, the I. K. S. Asnum and it's sister ship, the I. K. S. Jacques. Most everyone knew of Mylo and Jaslyn's marriage, but it seemed right to honor them separately.

Applause rang out in the room, in the station, on the ships and on the planet.

I'm ready, he told the stars, just tell me what I need to do.


To Be Continued in: Jalnie's Story