A/N: This is an older AIM conversation I had with my friend Ashley…I’m such an awesome sex ed teacher, no? :P


Ashley!-- (4:02:18 PM)--: G'day!

KG!-- (4:02:28 PM)--: LOL, G'day mate! =D

Ashley!-- (4:03:43 PM)--: LOL! How are ya?

KG!-- (4:03:52 PM)--: I'm gooooooooooooooooood!!!!!!!!

KG!-- (4:03:56 PM)--: How about you? :P

Ashley!-- (4:04:33 PM)--: I'm just swell! Doing school work though! *sighs*

KG!-- (4:04:56 PM)--: ...Wha?! In the summer?!?!?!?

Ashley!-- (4:05:22 PM)--: Yeah, summer school! Its only 4 hours a week though!

KG!-- (4:05:44 PM)--: ::dies::

KG!-- (4:05:46 PM)--: Still! *_*

Ashley!-- (4:06:29 PM)--: All of my class has to do it cuz of our stupid teacher! She never did sex ed, so we have to do it at home! Its dumb!

KG!-- (4:06:55 PM)--: I agree! And don't you know all about sex anyways? :P

Ashley!-- (4:07:30 PM)--: LOL! Yeah!!

KG!-- (4:09:55 PM)--: ::giggles:: I thought so! And...wait...maybe *I* could teach you sex-ed!!!!

Ashley!-- (4:10:23 PM)--: *gasps* You think so?!

KG!-- (4:10:32 PM)--: I think I can! ::grins::

Ashley!-- (4:11:52 PM)--: *grins also* Okay!!

KG!-- (4:12:21 PM)--: ::giggles madly and pulls out a board:: All right! ::gets out a pen and draws two circles together:: This is a penis!

Ashley!-- (4:12:51 PM)--: Wow!!! Really?!

KG!-- (4:13:09 PM)--: ::nods:: Yep! ::draws a tadpole:: This is a sperm!

Ashley!-- (4:14:12 PM)--: Oh cool!!!!

KG!-- (4:15:31 PM)--: ::giggles:: Yeah! ::draws an "elaborate" picture of two people getting it on, which is just two stick figures on one another::

KG!-- (4:15:35 PM)--: This is sex! :D

Ashley!-- (4:16:29 PM)--: Oh neato!! Sounds like something guys would always want!

KG!-- (4:17:47 PM)--: Of course they do! Guys ::draws a guy, which is just a stick figure with a penis:: are sick pigs! ::draws a pig nose on the guy:: All they want to do is get some! ::draws him drooling over some girl, who glares at him::

Ashley!-- (4:18:23 PM)--: Oh cool! I think I knew that much!!

KG!-- (4:19:39 PM)--: Well, that's great then! Here, you're ready for this! ::hands you a banana:: This is a penis!

Ashley!-- (4:20:14 PM)--: *takes the banana* No way!!! really?

KG!-- (4:20:52 PM)--: Well, it's the fruit representation of a penis, but yes!

Ashley!-- (4:21:25 PM)--: Well that works! ...what am I supposed to do with it?

KG!-- (4:22:47 PM)--: ::giggles:: Shove it up inside ya, silly! You DO know where to put it, right?

Ashley!-- (4:23:22 PM)--: *blinks* Oh yeah! *unpeels it and shoves it in her mouth*

KG!-- (4:23:37 PM)--: That's exactly right!

Ashley!-- (4:23:45 PM)--: *grins*

KG!-- (4:23:47 PM)--: ::pats you on the back:: Good job!

KG!-- (4:23:52 PM)--: :oP

Ashley!-- (4:24:47 PM)--: Did I pass??

KG!-- (4:25:04 PM)--: Of course!

Ashley!-- (4:25:17 PM)--: Yaaaaaaay!!

KG!-- (4:25:35 PM)--: ::hands you a certificate in the shape of a condom:: Here you are!

Ashley!-- (4:26:25 PM)--: *squeals* Thank you! Thanks you!


:D I have the best AIM convos ever! Seriously…I’ll have to post some more role-play type things! ^^ Maybe the aluminum Falcon chats…they were HILARIOUS! But anyway…yeah! Review! Laugh at my weeeeeeeirdness…