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Warning: This series contains graphic or less, homosexual relationships. If you are offended by mild yuri or heavy yaoi, please refrain from reading this series as it deals with two men and a romance. Im not going to deal with morons with immature little brains flaming me for something i've clearly put up as a warning.

Capture and Escape

Chapter 1


Brightly colored leaves swept across the blood-red sky, the deep colors only contrasted by those of the leaves and the three moons that hung there. They now bear witness to the bloody events of the night; silver, blue and green shining over the life-essences spilt not long ago.

Not a single star can be seen, not one wished to witness the carnage below them. No one would ever be able to forget that night. No matter how hard they tried, as long as they lived, no matter what they did, the horrors that had taken place would always be engraved in their minds.

A young girl stands sadly against the breeze, leaves tangling in her disheveled blonde hair. Her melancholy voice is carried thoughtlessly into the wind, "You won't leave me behind... I'll stay here and carry this on, carry your memories with me forever... " A single tear falls below, marking the end, marking the beginning.


Chapter One

People bustled through the streets of Crescas, each lost in their own little world, as they bought all that they needed, smiling to spite the simmering, mid-summer heat. Although to Telsa they did seem to be in their own little world, somewhere different then where she was now. She sighed wistfully, gazing longingly out her classroom window in the high castle tower.

Huffing softly, Telsa pouted and then grumbled to herself, "All these lessons and classes are so boring. What’s there to know about bein’ a queen? It can't be that hard... I mean, all I have to do is sit on a throne and give orders-and I’m good at that!â€