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Star Touched Memories

Chapter 2

Many years ago...

Rough sand scattered and then pounded against the brimstone sleet rocks imbedded in the dry barren lands. Controlled by a cruel, icy wind, the sands had no destiny, but to follow the will of the ever flowing gusts. The rock themselves rose above the cracked grounds, in large stalactite like peaks, carved by hundreds of years of erosion from the sun, wind's and debris that pounded against it. No plant life graces the unfertile earth, almost impossible for humans to live healthy lives in.

Welcomed the chance to try taming this wild land, were a few simple beggars and miners who were looking for a place to try to live in without any disturbance of the outside world. Meanwhile a sense of imminent disaster loomed over the dead streets of Selborne in the form of a large, dark castle.

The kingdom was alone in these wastelands, no towns or villages were settled near it. Partly because of the environment, but more so because this kingdom was ruled over by a cold and uncaring queen.

In the shadows of this castle, the people of Selborne go about their daily routines, by now oblivious to the eternal darkness that was draped about them all like so much thick fog and haze.

Far up, in the castle's jutting battlements, a queen sits upon her dark throne very, very bored. By her side, a young blonde haired boy is holding a baby in his arms, the small infant cooing quietly in them.

"This will not continue Celsa.." She stated in a cold icy tone. The boy looked up at her, reflecting the hard dead tone in her eyes, despite the innocent young appearance he had about him.

"Celsa. You are to become king one day.. and when that day comes, Selborne will reign supreme.." With that the queen chuckled a little and then broke into a shrill, loud horse-laugh. The boy only stood there, quietly observing his mother...

Meanwhile, in the green and life-filled northern rejoin, the kingdom of it's land was busy celebrating the birth of their new prince. King Conel, Queen Karen and all the subjects of Crescas gave their prayers, gifts and blessings to the wide eyed newborn, the child in his mothers arms giggling and happily playing with a streamer he had gotten from one of the children as a birth gift.

The fate of this kingdom now rests upon the shoulders of this tiny baby boy and everything seemed just perfect for only the short span of a single year....

A year after the celebration, the queen of Crescas fell into a deadly fever, only to have her life taken from her a few days later, leaving behind her kind husband and the darling little boy.

As the king of Crescas, it was Conel's duty to remarry as soon as possible, as so he would not be burdened with not only the work of a royal man, but so he could also not lament on the dead of his beloved wife..

A few months later, a wedding is pronounced between the King of Crescas and the Queen of Selborne. These two people will join, uniting their country and people together, in happiness and harmony. Recourses will abound and strength will be found in this unity. A bright future is once again expected, and the queen is very far from bored...


Kaine followed Telsa's intense glare to Kaika who returned the glare ten fold back at the bound and gagged princess. Kaine vaguely wondered if he could just toss them both overboard..

"Do you promise not to jump off the ship?" Kaine asked politely. Ever since they had brought the raving lunatic of a princess on board, there hasn't been one moment of peace on the ship. The crew members were starting to get annoyed with Kaika's ranting about how she doesn't act anything like a princess, and Telsa's constant screaming and twisting though her bounds.

Kaine looked over the princess one last time before folding his arms and giving her a stern stare.

"I said, do you promise not to jump off this ship?" He spoke evenly.

Telsa nodded her head slowly, as if reluctant to respond to the blonde.

"Do you -really- promise?" Chimed in Kaika, popping from behind Kaine from what seemed like out of nowhere.

"Mm-hmm.." Telsa nodded again, this time more certain.

"Really really?" Kaika asked again.

"Mm-HMM." She glared up at the red head with annoyance.

"For REAL RE--" Kaine blatantly clapped a hand over his friends mouth to shut him up. If things kept going this way for much longer, another fight would break out.

He glanced back at the princess with a kind smile."Well if your sure then, we'll untie you now."

Kaika removed the rope that bound her wrist together, and would’ve just left the gag in if it wasn't for Kaine's 'you-better-play-nice-or-else' look. He could be so parental at times.

Telsa licked the corners of her mouth where the gag had dug in while she slowly rubbed her wrists to get some feeling back into them. Her eyes slowly moved from Kaika to Kaine numerous times, obvious she was still a little frightened of the air pirates who had kidnapped her.

She suddenly shot up off the wooden chair, turned on her heels and bolted towards the door, slamming it open and jolting outside.

Kaine heaved a sigh and ran after the young girl, Kaika quickly following him. Kaine spotted the princess across the gangplank by the railing.

Kaine abruptly stopped in front of the princess, Kaika conveniently running into him with a loud 'oof'. The redhead quickly recovered and watched the girl intently.

The princess slowly turned to the two boys with a bitter sneer that could shoot icicles at them. Kaine was a little unnerved by that look on her face, feeling a sensation if he did anything to piss her off even more, she'd probably kill him. Kaika however, was not so observant.

"What the HELL did you think you were doing!?" Kaika yelled at her, stepping around and in front of his blonde friend.

"Did you actually think I would jump you miscreant?" She asked smugly, regarding Kaika with a superior look. "Really now, everyone knows you ought to trust a lady's word. I’m sure even a.. barbaric simpleton such as yourself should know what a promise is."

"Why you little bi--mmfmff!!"

"Of course we do, and you, I trust, will not forget your promise to be polite. Now will you Kaika?" Kaine smiled down at his blushing but glaring friend, his hand firmly over Kaika's oversized mouth.


Kaine pulled his hand back tighter, applying a bit more pressure. Still that ever present smile graced the delicate features of the taller boy's face whenever he looked at his hyperactive partner.


"That’s what I thought. Good boy." Kaine gently slid his fingers away from Kaika's angered face, speaking to him as he would speak to a small child. "Now, why don’t you go and talk to the captain? I think he wanted to see you before we landed."

"Yeah yeah.." Kaika couldn't resist the urge to stick his tongue out at the sneering princess, but Kaine cut him off with one of his 'older brother' glares.

Once Kaika had stalked off, mumbling insults directed words the princess with a huff to leave for his father's cabin, Kaine led the princess off to where she'd be staying.

Telsa on the other hand decided that Kaine was a real gentleman, 'and not bad looking either..'


"Hey! Kaika!"

The angered and annoyed boy turned to the yell from his right, and smiled when he found Joc, one of the crewmen, struggling with a sail-rigging. He quickly jogged over and held the rope in places while the middle aged man fastened it down tightly.

"Y'know Joc, this is really supposed to be a two-man job." Stated Kaika grinning and releasing the rigging once it was set in place.

"Yeah I know. But everybody else was busy with the landing preparations." Joc stood up and grinned back, flipping his graying brown pony tail back over his shoulder and brushing the few long strands of bangs from his face. He looked like he was weak, but Kaika knew the guy could definitely hold his own. This was after all the man Kaika had learned to fight from.

"Hey, by the way.." Joc started. "Who was that we brought aboard? I ain't never seen her 'round here before. She a new barmaid or somethin'?" He chuckled at the thought.

Kaika just sweat dropped and gave him an awkward smile. "No you pervert, she's Crescas' princess, Telsa. But she might as well be a barmaid with an attitude like that. She reminds me of that girl who dumped soup all over me when I asked her out on a date." Kaika rubbed the back of his head warily, still remembering how hot that soup was..

"That was because you asked her right in the middle of rush hour while she was workin'!" Joc slapped the shorter boy on the back happily before he examined Kaika's facial expression, raising a bushy eyebrow at him. "Aww Kaika, did that little girl give you an ego bruisin'?" He laughed, twilight twinkling in his eyes.

Kaika's sour face was replaced by his usual cheerful grin as he remembered that Theon had wanted to see him. "What, anybody bruise my ego? Never! But I gotta' go talk to the capt'n now. Can you handle everythin' out here?"

Joc laughed again and pushed Kaika towards the cabin. "Well even if I couldn't, lord knows I'd get it from the captain holdin' his son up here when he wants to see 'em!"

With that Kaika gave one last grin and almost bounced off to the cabin, waving his blacked gloved hand over his shoulder.


Upon entering the small wood cabin, Kaika noticed right off a brightly lit oak desk laden with artifacts and trinkets captured from past raids. These were either captured by great effort, or they were personal favorites, not worth being sold. Behind it, winking away into the shadows was a neatly made captain's bunk. Across from that was a medium sized mirror hanging on a nail above a small washbasin and a long neglected shaving kit in a tin can. Kaika chuckled a little to himself as he remembered the crew giving the captain that as a gag gift, playing on the his abundant bushy, brown beard.

The same beard was now being combed by Theon's thick, calloused fingers as he stared thoughtfully out the starboard porthole. Without turning, he spoke to Kaika in a serious, fatherly tone. "What the hell were you thinking boy."

"Aww.. how'd ya' know it was me dad?" The boy grinned as he walked to Theon's side, gazing out the porthole beside his taller father.

The sky was very blue, and one could see the deep, darkened midnight that spread across the floor of the Arcane Skies that lay below. Kaika remembered how when he was a little boy, he wanted to be the first to see what lay beneath the dark abyss. Legends told of a city below, and lands fertile and green that did not float nor fly. One would never need a ship living down there, but the sailors and explorers had all been torn away by the deadly winds that layer the boarder between blow and above the skies. It was impossible to cross, less loose your life trying..

"Only my own son could make that much noise opening a door. Besides, I'd asked to see you, so I knew that even if you weren't listening, Kaine would tell you sooner or later." Theon's hefty voice startled Kaika out of his memories, and he looked up at his very annoyed looking father with a small surprise in his eyes.

He looked down, the thick wiry whiskers on his cheek's bristling outwards as he smiled ruefully at Kaika. "Now, I will ask you again. What the -hell- were you thinking?"

"Well .. Y'see.." Kaika began nervously. "..I figured if we kidnapped her, we weren’t really hurting her. And so as a princess, she belongs to the kingdom, and this kingdom's pretty rich right? So technically, we wouldn't be stealing from the poor. And since they're a rich kingdom, they'd have a pretty big army, so we wouldn't be robbing the weak either..."

Theon shook his head disbelievingly. His son wasn't only an idiot, he came up with the most stupid excuses. "Save me your twisted logic boy." The captain sighed, exhaling deeply, as he turned back to the slowly setting sun over the horizon of golden clouds. A few shimmering rays of sun dust seeped though the porthole, lighting up the dismal cabin with some form of light, albeit weak.

"We're stuck now.." The captain said, thoughtfully. "Maybe the ransom'll help pay for that damned expensive metal you bought in the Northern Rejoins." He turned a bit to eye his laughing son. Idiot.

"Hey come on! It was a rare metal! The guy said it was one of a kind! Sides, it was just what I needed to finish my weapon!" Kaika tried to save himself. It surprisingly seemed to be working.

"I must admit, it is an interesting weapon. That thing is huge though, how do you use it?"

"I taught myself basically. I used what Joc taught me, and applied it to a simple tactic." Kaika grinned happily, looking back out the porthole. He was so proud of his creation, however how he used the massive sword/javelin type thing, no one would know.

"Well in any case, that’s not what we're here to talk about." The older man turned and stepped over to his desk, the floor boards creaking lightly under his feet. The Vahalania was an old ship, but she was more then well kept.

The captain slowly sat in his armchair, leaning back against the tall back of the velvet lined oak. "I have a favor to ask of you.. and Kaine. He already said it would be fine, but it's too dangerous for one person. Besides the two of you work well together ..god knows why.." He paused for a moment when Kaika looked as if he was about to speak, then blurted out his case. "I need you two to get a few bags full of key's for the ship. She's almost out of energy, and if we don’t put more fire keys in the furnace, we'll end up having to scully the ship."

"Keys? Oh I remember, those colored rocks that fall from the sky though the EarthStream right? They look kind of like gems?" Kaika clapped his hands together and grinned again. "Man, wouldn't it be so cool to sail on the EarthStream?"

"Boy, you must be an idiot. First you want to sail below the Arcane Sky, and now you want to sail that huge mass of currents and god knows what else. Next you'll be telling me you wanna sail to space."

Kaika thought on that a moment, his face brightening with that 'can-I-can-I- can- I-can-I!!!?' look. Theon sweat dropped.

"Anyway, yeah, those things that fall from the sky. We're landin' on an island soon. I want you two to go out and see what you can find."

"Sure thing dad! Leave it up to us, we'll get a ton of em!" With that Kaika let out a loud laugh and started for the door. Just as he put his hand on the handle, he was stopped by his fathers voice.

"And Kaika.."

The red head turned to look at his father, and blinked at his sudden grim appearance. "Yeah dad?"

Theon sat there a moment, then looked up at his son and smiled a bit. "Be careful boy. I don’t want you fallin' off the island. I'd have to fish you out of the skies."

Kaika grinned and nodded. "No problem dad." With that he opened the door and exited the slowly darkening room, slamming the door behind him.

Theon sighed as the mirror fell into the basin..


The ship docked next to the small floating island, making it so that one could see from the side of the huge vessel the landscaping of the area. Green fields and flowers lined the outside of the island, presenting a pleasant trip to any who may wish to embark on a voyage or even a picnic upon the small land mass. However, towards the center of the island, trees raveled with thick vines and lush plant life obscured whatever lay beneath them. Dark and a little ominous, the mini jungle didn't appear very safe for normal travelers.

Slowly the long, narrow, wooden plank lowered onto the grassy ground to the side of the island, allowing Kaine to walk off the ship and Kaika to follow closely behind. The two boys waved off at the crew, hoisting their hiking sacks on their shoulders, and made certain they had their weapons, before they began their trek to the center forest where they knew the most key's would be.

In the deeper reaches of the forest, Kaine walked dutifully forward though the dark forest, carrying a small lantern in his hand, his other lightly placed on the handle of one of his long katana's. The fresh sent of it all was invigorating, even in the deep night. Kaika had insisted on going to the island that very night, and since the ship was too big to be able to get very far into the large mass of islands, they'd just dropped the two boys off on the far shore of the larger one. It still wasn't very big, if it wasn't for the tree's they could probably see to the other side of the small island.

Kaine lead the way quietly, as Kaika, bounding from side to side happily, chattered on and on madly about subjects that didn't seem to be very important. "So.. why do you think they sky is blue anyway? I think it's because a long time ago, somebody threw an ocean up into the air!" Kaine stared at Kaika oddly.

Kaika sweat dropped. "Or... not. Who knows.." Grinning, Kaika once again changed the subject. "What about that snotty princess eh? I still can't believe she'd call me a barbaric simpleton! I’m perfectly mannered, right?"

Kaine rolled his eyes a bit, nodding just to make Kaika happy. That now being the seventh time the princess had come into the conversation.

As they proceeded deeper into the forest, weaving over, under and around large twisted trunks and vines that matted the damp forest floor, Kaine began to hear very faint noises around them. He ignored them at first, thinking they were just be his imagination playing tricks on him with the overall eeriness of the forest, but they began to get louder and louder. They were far too loud to be small animals. Soon Kaika jerked to a halt upon hearing a small rustling noise in the thick trees right above them. It had to be something big. The blonde quickly clamped a hand over Kaika's constantly moving mouth, hushing the boy. "Kaika, quiet.." He said in a commanding whisper, slowly letting his and drop, ears twitching while he listened for the source of the sound.

"What is it Kaine?" The red head asked loudly, almost falling over as Kaine pushed him backwards.

"Kaika, get back!" It was too late. A large green, blob of slime tacked Kaika, leaving the boy blinking a few times in surprise and suddenly running around yelling to get it off him.

Kaine swatted the rather small slime thing off of his friend and quickly dragged him away from it, so he could regain his bearings.

Kaika glared, looking disgusted at the .. goo.. that now coated his chest. "Ew.. what the hell is that thing!" He said as he pointed at the tiny green thing, that seemed to be fuming.

"It looks like we hit a nest, Kaika, get your gun ready." Kaine spoke commandingly, pulling out both his katanas from their sheaths.

"That thing's disgusting!" Kaika whined, as he followed his blond friend's example, taking out his shotgun from the sleeve at the small of his back, pulling out a handgun from the one on his leg.

"You mean those things." Kaine continued looking ahead as Kaika whipped off the green goo with his shotgun carelessly.

"What?" Kaika blinked, and then looked back at the slime, groaning. "Oh yeah, this is nice." He said sarcastically.

The slime was multiplying. Suddenly one slime became two, then those became four.. there were now eight of them before no more came.

"Shoot the one on the left, I'll get the one's in front! Take them fast so they can't multiply again!" Kaine lectured quickly. Once Kaika nodded affirmative and the blonde nodded back, quickly darting for his targets.

Kaine quickly jumped forward, taking out one of the slimes that jumped at him right away with one quick swipe of his sword. As he landed, another one jumped at him. He quickly dodged it, moving to the side, stabbing the flying object into the ground with his other sword.

Kaika attempted to shoot one of the slimes that were coming at him in a dash, but it jumped at him too quickly and he had to step back. Grinning like a maniac he rounded the shotgun on his fingers, loading it. He pulled the trigger and shot the small slime, causing it to splatter against his legs at the trees it was near. Just as quickly he rounded back and aimed the handgun at another slime, capping it at point blank causing it to combust all over him.

"Ewww.." The red head whined, wiping some of it off, scrunching his nose. "This is so totally nasty."

The remaining three seemed even more angry now, lashing out and releasing a revolting smell. Something between a skunk and slowly rotting Chinese food. Kaine thought he would gag. Kaika took another shot at one of them, the bullet hit the ground kicking up dirt and mixing it with the slowly deteriorating slime. He rounded his shot gun again and shot at another one just as fast, again, making the small thing explode all over a tree trunk.

Obviously frightened, the other two made some kind of squealing sound and scampered.. slid, off into the bushes, looking like they had finally given up and were running away. Kaika grinned at them, waving his handgun up in the air, holstering the shotgun back in it's sleeve. "Yeah! That's right! Run away like the cowards yer are! Ah hahahahaha!" He laughed insanely, throwing his head back in victory.

Kaine just shook his head, smiling at his hyper active friend. He walked up to Kaika, gently putting a hand on his shoulder. "Are you alright Kaika?" He said in a very kind tone, which made Kaika stop laughing

abruptly and grin at his friend.

"Yeah. I'm alright."

Kaika looked down at himself, grumbling. "Just.. covered in slime.. ew.."

Kaine also glanced down at himself as well, noticing he too was covered in the grotesque green stuff. "Thanks to you so am I. Don't you think you could of aimed them away from me?"

The redhead laughed, rubbing the back of his head "Yeah.. uh.. sorry 'bout that.."

Kaine nodded in acceptance, and jerked his head to the side a bit. "Let's go find a creek. We stink."

His companion mumbled a little more, wiping his shirt off again. "Ew... "


Kaika was quick to strip himself of all the clothing he had on, hanging his guns on a tree branch to draw with them. They had washed their clothes before themselves so that they could dry, and were now getting ready to take a nice long bath. They'd managed to find a dam-like point where some caught logs slowed the river into a small, clean pool. The water was warm and fresh, due to a few fire key's that landed into the water, heating it slowly. The soothing warmth of the water was tickling his toes as Kaika entered the clear steamy waters, Kaine following close behind him.

Kaine watched as Kaika entered the pool, a small smile creeping to his lips. He couldn't help but notice the boy's excellent body. It was well muscled, tendons stretched beneath the silk smooth skin like a wild cats. Formed by so many years of working on-board the air ship. It was totally useless now, but if the need arose, he could probably take down nearly anyone. Kaika's lean body moved with an unknown grace that seemed to below to Kaika alone, Kaine noticed, as he waded into the pool, turning to his friend and blinking at him.

"What’s wrong?"

Kaine blinked back, just now realizing he was staring at his friend. He quickly averted his gaze, a light blush creeping across his fair cheeks. The blonde shook his head and entered the pool. "Nothing.." He said quietly.

Kaika let his legs fall from beneath him, floating across the surface of the water his tanned body carelessly sliding over the water. He swam around a little bit, watching his friend lean back against the rocks, releasing a sigh while he allowed himself to relax and close his eyes gently.

He kept swimming, but all of his attention was on his friend. Kaine was built differently then Kaika was. While Kaika's was tight and defined, Kaine's muscles were more hidden, his frame slender and seemingly delicate. At first glance, one could mistake his blonde friend as a woman. His supple frame, perfectly curved at every inch it could, his fair, untarnished skin, save the three scars on his chest, was absolutely ethereal, so very alluring..

The observer lidded his eyes a bit pulling his eyes away from Kaine, remembering the day he found his blonde companion.

He was half dead, surrounded by a pack of wild animals. His clothes had been torn to no end, nearly unrecognizable. Fatal scars wounded the young child’s chest, probably got it from one of the wolves which had attacked him.

Kaika and his mentor, Joc, fought hard, but afterwards Kaika carried the boy to the Vahalania, after saving him from the beasts with the help of his mentor, Joc.

The red head closed his eyes and stopped swimming, lost in his memories. Kaine had been beautiful even back then.. But he would never forget the look Kaine had on his face when he awoke three days later after the attack in a confusion..


"W-who.. who are you..?" The young blonde asked, his wide green eyes mirroring the innocence in his soft, scratched voice.

The short red head jumped up off the chair and kneeled over the bed with a wide grin, his violet eyes shinning. "My name's Kaika. What’s yours?" He asked happily.

The blonde blinked a few times, slowly furrowing his brow and looking at the white sheets. Kaika looked over the young boys features seriously. "What’s wrong?" Kaika asked.

The boy firmly griped the sheets squinting his eyes a bit, tears filming over his eyes making them hurt. "I... I... don’t remember.."

Kaika blinked up at him again and jumped up from where he was kneeling. "You don’t remember your own name?"

The blonde closed his eyes, looking as if he was going to cry, then turned his head away from Kaika stubbornly, not replying.

Kaika sat down on the bed, gently putting a hand on the boy's shoulder. "You wanna' be my friend?" He asked, again in that happy tone.

The blonde looked up, surprised to hear such sudden words. "...Your.. friend?"

"Yeah!" The red head cooed. "If you're my friend, I'll give you a special name! Just for you!" Kaika tilted his head, closing his eyes and giving the nameless boy a sure-fire happy smile. He held his hand out, exposing his pinky. The boy only stared at it, still surprised.

"Like this!" Kaika said, as he took the other boys hand and pulled his pinky out, intertwining it with his own. The boy blinked again, beginning to understand as a smile crept to his face. He nodded his green eyes shining with unshed tears and renewed joy at his new found friend.

Kaika smiled happily, nodding energeticly as he spoke. "Great! I wonder what would be a good name.. "




Kaika's eyes snapped open, blinking rapidly, not registering the rock in front of him until he heard Kaine's voice again. He quickly set his feet on the bottom of the pool.

The blond looked at him a bit strangly. "What Kaika? Were you daydreaming again?"

Kaika looked over at his friend, obviously confused by the look on his face.

Kaine chuckled and shook his head, splashing some water at him. Kaika raised his arm to block the water, looking back at Kaine again once it settled.

"You said my name." The blond chuckled and shook his head, repeating himself "Were you dreaming?" he said in a soft tone, a hint of playfulness in his voice.

Kaika just laughed nervously, rubbing the back of his head. "Yeah I guess I fell asleep. Man, it's been a long day!"

Kaine nodded, smiling gently at the red head before standing up and wading out of the pool. "I'll set up camp. The clothes should be dry now, go ahead and get dressed."

Kaika nodded, as both the boys headed towards their clothes and dressed themselves quietly. Kaine went to go set up camp while Kaika whistled a happy tune gathering sticks for the fire.

'Memories are memories.. ' Kaika thought. He smiled as he turned to look at his friend a little ways away, holding a bundle of sticks to his chest. "And you.." He whispered to himself. "Will always be in them."

With that he jogged back towards camp, ready to spend the night under the enchanting, moonlit skies of Luinic.

To Be Continued

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