City Poems: Leipzig

Although I have searched and what else is there?
not a Confirmation nor Absolving in Any way…
did I manage to accept.

To accept. That matters much more than
only "unearthing". I have yet to stare at a Church Steeple.

For the moss grows soft, fragrant, the dust coating light o'er
interest---interest. I have searched,
notwithstanding alternatives,
despite observance. I have endeavored.

Let us, then, and it is not towards the discovery
either. It is in the Acceptance.
It is only: anyone may find the Secret-of-Life. Few may truly Understand that…
perhaps that is why any Raving
Zealot, any
incensed Seer has yet to relieve us of our on-bred Mystery. He does not
grasp that it all lies in the Acceptance