City Poems: Sarajevo

Grasp at the Moment when the anticipated thunder-cloud
unearthed two hundred years of buried embers, and even more so.
Not softly, nor "diplomatically", for the European Way of Things…no, the
stark Truth of Passing Time exhumes.
how Baptism-by-Fire will be a constant State-of-Being. Living in Tragedy…
one man, Consumptive, playing
the Role of Blessed Assassin to an Old-Order, the antiquated-paved
Streets heaving with the birth of Some Conflict. All conflicts.

Interesting, how, despite prevalent Anger, things
never seem to Change:

Someone sees to That. The Sniper
arriving a few Centuries later takes aim…
receives his due of Time, and
alights upon the building-top that oversaw the
Journey towards crumbling decadence…which was already
entertained among the tender, suicidal aristocracy,
Varied swans in tragic flight,
Only a thud of powder, a dampened spark