Author's Note: This one is written from experience, and constructive criticism on this if no one minds. R&r.

I remember my diagnosis

They said it was scoliosis

Curvature of the spine

Why did it have to be mine?

I sat there silent

So this is how I was different

Now I knew why

No matter how hard I try

I was last in every race I ran

Every sports day went down the pan

I look back on it, some years on

Looking back on my childhood that is gone

I think about all the chances I could've had

So much, it almost makes me mad

But I don't care now

I just wonder more, about how?

How could they have missed it?

They could've made a back brace to fit

They didn't even see

That there was something wrong with me

But they decided to ignore

After examinations galore

So this is how I have to stay

This twisted back won't go away

I'm left walking like a forward slash

As for fashion, I won't cut a dash

I can't keep up with other folk

My self esteem is an utter joke

So excuse me if I'm a little bitter

But rest assured, I'm not a quitter