A Corner of West

A rodeo of paper and discolored
Cardboard, of plastic
Suncatchers and the brick wall
Is the Alamo
Only no blood has
Been shed in Years. Not blue---
Not blue: yellow now,
The eight-second
Minimum passed for
Reckless abandon. The brick wall
Is the
Alamo. Pattern out the
Royal uniforms, that crumpled
Steed of Santa Anna the
Wind is making
The horses wild. Stirring the
Noises of dryness and
West. No blood has been shed
In Years. The
Bulls hungering for the
Spectacle of the
Arena, TexanRoman Senators…
Sharpening their paper horns on
Yellow flowers. Yellow
It is May and the
Sky must be Blue. Not
Yellow. The wind is
Making the horses
Wild. Time
Is called. Santa Anna
Is called. Wind.

The Papers boxes broken
Window sheets rattle
Among the boot-trodden swept