A Faulkneresque Train of Thought

Italy has not been gaudy
Orange. Has it? If it has I
May understand that
Italy is not and Italy
Has. The repetition of
Ideas do not rest in
Color but the shades
Under light. Italy lays
Under not an equatorial
Light. It is not like
The untamed jungles nor
The fetid Delta swamps. Italy
Is. Nor has any
Biologically designed habitat exclaimed
Itself as gaudy orange.
Unlike Italy there is no color to
The definition. Has it? It has not
And I have not imagined. Italy has and
The gaudy orange of his book
And his reflection of quick eye of
Falconine of color that is. Not.
Is not. Is not Italy. It has
Not unless it has and if it has then
I have not. Italy is not gaudy orange
He is not and if he was or is than I am
Not either way.
Either way he is
And I am
Nor is Italy, if it is not, nor is
Italy gaudy