sulfur and other such tears
By: ShinigamiForever

he launches rockets.
It could be because he wants to get away
or that he could release his anger and fear
in a burst of streaming smoke and gas
the scent of sulfur clinging to his clothes
and fingers filled with ashes.

Maybe rockets are his parachutes
and they lower him down to earth slowly.
or maybe still, they're a way for him
to escape this centrifuge of gravity and life
to escape for a few brief endless moments.

So yes,
he always says hi to me.
So yes,
he declares love to a girl he knows less than he knows himself.
So yes,
he watches the chalkboard intently with hand moving,

but he is watching in truth
the rocket ascending into billowed pillow clouds
and watching-
himself go up in smokey heights.

The lingering scent of sulfur.