The Sudden Recognition of Reality

Looking at
Half of a
Stop sign, only it
Is a yield sign instead.
The flicker of
May off the gravel
Of the roof.
The trees are not
Pine and
Not dark, are
Green and
Not completely
Forthcoming, the
Clouds are
Not heeding the
Relief of shadow
And the flowers
Do not turn
Out to
Be blue.
Nonetheless, the
May here is
Cold it is all
Right only it is
Not. It is.
No one flashes
Past to stucco
Walls and the
Spanish influx
The Georgian-Gothic-Modern
Landscaping i
Realize the
Paintings in
Manhattan are not
Themselves, seeing
The half-red circle.

He is real
And that
Leaves no
Possibility other
Than that.

It is
And it
Is cold. The birds have