City Poems: Stockholm

Neither Minister nor Official these days ride off to Battle…
only figuratively. Ah, Churchill bemoaned the demise of Chivalry
really---it is not subject to our
turnabout. Things are---
however, it does not mean that they were.

Take Gustavus, and the battle
of Changing Perceptions. The resulting plateau of Warfare.

See, we need not recapture the Pike and Shot ways. Vainglorious
Templar Knights…we are not that Quixotic in our approaches.
only: when infantry lines clouded, unlike the
Caption underneath Bohr's electron model:
kneeling Travelers who Reformed knotted fish
Netting to silver shards,
Holding the Transcendental perceptions
of icy Dreaming and Forever. King. General, all
Led forward idealism and died when the Singular needs were
met. For Ideals, that is.