Being eleven years old was hard. Before sixth grade, Adriana didn't even really notice any guys. Braiden was a guy, but he was Braiden. Nothing would ever come from that, right?

He was always talking about some girl. Always. He was a freshman in high school…it wasn't like he didn't have a reason to. And for a while, it didn't particularly bother Adriana. Boys just weren't an issue. Braiden was like her brother.

Then, however, she started to notice that "her brother" was quite cute. She started to notice things like how his eyes would light up whenever he'd talk about baseball or the dimples that appeared on his cheeks whenever he really smiled.

Adriana wasn't used to the thoughts, to say the least. She didn't know what to do with them…where to place them. So she shut up and let Braiden do all the talking. He'd already had countless girlfriends. He'd even had one when he was in sixth grade. Adriana felt a little inadequate compared to him. He succeeded at everything he did.

When her phone rang, she was glad to escape her new thoughts and feelings.

"Hello?" She said.

"Hey, Ri…it's me," Braiden replied. She could tell he was smiling just by how he said it.

And his deep voice is so different than the boys I go to school with…her conscience added evilly.

She pushed the thought away, "Hey…what's up?"

Of course, he immediately pushed into a story about a girl. He went on and on about how she was the greatest girl he'd ever met and that he wanted to be with her more than anything on the planet. Adriana was supportive, but hearing all this made her sick. Her feelings were enough to deal with, but hearing him babble like a lovesick teenager pushed her way over the edge. What could she say though? Braiden was her best friend. She had to be there for him through everything…and that included all his talk about girls and giving him advice about it.

"Braide…?" She interrupted him, "What's the girl's name?"

"Huh? Oh, hold on…my mom's talking to me," he said and then covered the receiver with his hand. When he came back, he commented, "I gotta get going…it's time for dinner. I'll probably come over later, all right?"

"Okay," she replied, "Talk to you later."

"Bye," he said and hung up. "By the way, her name," he said to the dead receiver, "is Adriana."

Author's Note, 5.16.10: Okay, I've had an increase in readership on this one lately, for whatever reason. I know the ending is ridiculous. I wrote this when I was 14 years old (that's 10 years ago for me). It was the first thing I finished, the first thing I wrote that exceeded 50k words. I have no plans to rewrite it because at this point in my life, being graduated from not only high school, but college, and in the work force, and engaged to be married, and wanting children, I can't relate to this anymore. So I appreciate everyone's insight on this, but believe me, I definitely know how much it sucks. Check out my profile page if you want to know what I'd actually recommend of mine to read. :) Thanks.