I'm Smiling


I can see it in your smile,
with your open eyes.
I can read it in your words,
so near and true.
I can feel it from your grace,
those deep brown eyes.
I can sense it from your touch,
so bright and pure.
I can smell it in the fragrence
of your light brown hair.
I will become,
in her hands.
I fight down inside,
and I don't know who will win.


I will never become
what you want me to be.
I can never see the stength inside,
I can never know the peace besides,
I will always be this thing apart.
I wanna reach and touch this feeling everytime
I see your face.
Even now I can't escape
This doom that runs inside my veins.

I wash it off and run it down,
but it keeps coming back to me.

I need to take the way I feel,
and make it who I am.
Cause right now I am happy.

I don't seem to have it,
and you just can't buy it.
I can only do so little,
and accomplish so much.
If I could see the end of the road,
I would know.

I make my own road and I really want to,
its just that i've never made a road before.
I don't feel so right anymore,
I just keep finding excuses,
is it me, is it my, will I ever?
No answer.
None needed because I really know
no girl is ever gonna love me,
not the one that I love.
Its always going to be desolet and disturbed.


There is no shame in being strong,
only shame in trying to be the stongest.
Pride is strong and honor is strong,
but salvation is no weakness.
Times have changed, tides have changed,
but people always die.

Not everyone has something,
but everyone has that ability.
To force himself inside,
and never take it easy.
If a man has nothing on the outside,
he is forced inward.
If he has nothing inside, he is lying.
Some quit, some try, few succeed.

Unexpected, not totally
but pretty close so,
the younger of the two.
I've no chance,
and I don't want one,
but it is glad to know.
I prayed and I recieved a good day.

I look back and nothing ever turns out the way
its supposed to.
Its not a bad thing though.
I realize what this chance was for.

Authors Note********

I did something different when I wrote this poem. I
wrote a different paragraph each night, so my mood is
different through out it. I know it probably dosen't
make any sense to anyone but me, but I like it.