go ahead, eat up the attension
the price you pay, fame is all too expensive
your friend or aquaintence?
i won't exchange these few words if
you deal me that horse shit
you forfeit yourself, just to be in
how long can you stand yourself and pretend
you don't try to fit into the trends?
your friends have good reason to be pissed
you lie with no motive and bitch
spit shit without thinking how it might not fit,
but yet you sit there and talk big
what gets me is people that think
you're big and great, feeding your ego
keeping you "evil", above equal,
they don't see what you say don't make any sense
they can't see you're a fake
character is motivation to hate
for the sake of debate lets just say its a mistake
you really do hate them,
why try to relate, conversate,
laying waste to personality
at least you got your crowd to be proud of
but i'll always tell you where you can stick it
don't feed me your shit
you tell me i'm right, that ur faking a life
and still you try to influence mine
unlike the mindless, spineless sheep of today
i won't lay pray to what idiots say