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Dream Sequences

*~* Alicia fell to her knees, her fists slamming into the cold, black asphalt below her, 'No, they can't all be gone. They can't be!'

Tears streamed down her face, leaving shining trails of the tears' decent down her face. She looked down by her now somewhat bruised fists and saw pictures all around them. She didn't understand how the pictures got there, or where they had come from all of the sudden. But there they were, sprawled out in front of her. The pictures contained her family and friends and anyone else that she considered to be her loved ones.

She picked up a picture of her Uncle, his girlfriend, and her two daughters. Looking closer at it, she noticed a man, with blond hair and a full mustache standing a way behind them. She had never seen that man before, but when she put down the picture and looked at the others, he was in each and every one, in someway or another. In some of the pictures he was peeking around the walls, in others he was standing a good amount of distance away from the group, but still there.  She knew that he must have something to do with the disappearance of her loved ones, and started to cry. She was in some of the pictures with her friends; she should have seen him there standing behind them. How could she not recognize him from the countless pictures he was in?  She mentally hit herself, and picked up a random picture and studied the man's face, hoping that she will stop this from happing again.

Out from above her, a hand reached down to her, stopping in front of her face. She put down the picture and looked up at the stranger. Their face was covered by the shadows, but she saw the color and style of his dirty-blond hair. Judging by the style, it was a guy around her age. She felt like she knew him and could trust him, so she took his hand and allowed him to help her up

She kept her eyes on his hand and noticed a ring with a family crest on it. A huge bird, with a lion on either side of it shone back at her.  She studied the emblem as much as she could to determine where she saw it before; or even if she had seen it before. Suddenly there was a loud screeching sound, and Alicia cupped her ears with her hands.  She clenched her eyes shut and staggered a bit, trying to keep her balance.  She opened her eyes and tried to keep focus as a thick fog rolled in out of nowhere, blocking some of her view.  She found the stranger for a brief moment before he disappeared into a thick fog. *~*

Alicia jerked her eyes open, but her vision was blurred with tears. She wiped them away with the back of her hand and slammed her alarm clock countless times, until it stopped screeching. For some reason or another she could never find the stupid button to turn off that crazy thing in the mornings.  She sat up in her bed and looked around the room, trying desperately to figure out which home she was at.  After she thought for a few minutes she finally managed to decipher that she was at her dad's apartment.

Alicia's parents split up when she was in her seventh grade year and she has been going between apartments for the last three years.  Her rooms were very different from each other, and some times she would wake up trying to figure out if she was at a friend's house or in one of the apartments, and sometimes would get very annoying.  She looked around at the unicorn style room that she had decided on and stared at a fuzzy poster for a few minutes.   She blinked a couple of times, making sure she was awake before getting up and get dressed.

'Who was that guy that helped me? I know him from somewhere, I just know I do.  That crest is like something that I've seen too, I just have to figure out where.  It's like I've known him for years. It would have helped to see his face. Just like my dreams to torture me like this.'

She snickered to herself and dragged her half-awake body to the closet and slipped on her black tank top, with her faded kaki jeans, and finishing off her look, with her favorite black combat boots. Her mom would probably scold her for choosing the same kind of outfit she wore last week, but she didn't mind.  Her mother was always on her back about why she couldn't choose better looking outfits that were in her closet, but she didn't pay attention to her mother's ramblings anymore.  She wore what she wanted, even if it meant that she got a good talk from her mother about it.  Besides she had other things that were on her mind at the moment.

She walked out of her room, which was a feat all on its own considering the floor was smothered with clothes, and most of them being clean, she didn't want to make them un-wearable by stepping on them.  She hopped out of the room trying to shake off a dirty shirt that she wore over the weekend off her foot. As she threw the shirt back inside the room she quickly said a good-bye to her dad as he raced out the door for work.  She shook her head in amusement as she saw her dad had a piece of toast in his mouth and a thermos of coffee in hand.  He probably slept in again and did have enough time to get ready this morning.  Hopefully he got up early enough to take his morning shower.  Alicia mentally reminded herself that she would have to get him a new alarm clock for his upcoming birthday.

Alicia took a brush and ran it through her hair quickly to make sure it would lay somewhat straight.  Otherwise it would be a huge rat's nest and she wouldn't be able to do anything with it.  Her hair was standing on end when she first checked it and after a few run troughs it actually began to calm down.  She threw down the brush and grabbed her toothbrush, quickly gave her whites a good scrub, then put everything back in order.

She looked at the mirror, shrugged her shoulders in acceptance and scavenged for her eyeliner and eye shadow she had just bought recently.  She found both on the corner of the sink and began to apply a thin line of black eyeliner and a little bit of light brown eye shadow to her top eyelid.  She closed her hazel eyes and opened them again to see how well she did.  She wasn't labeled as anything on campus and didn't want to be by adding too much makeup.  Either way, she would be labeled as prep or as a Goth if she put too much on.  Too many bright colors, she was a prep, too much dark, and she would be a Goth.  She liked to be right smack dab in the middle.

She sucked in her gut to figure out just how much weight she had lost over the summer and the first few months of school.  She had been experimenting with a new grapefruit diet and she wanted to see results.  And from the look of it, she had lost at least a good ten pounds, even if the scale told her different.  She didn't mind about what others thought about her, she always found that she was always her tougher critic.  Sometimes surprising herself by thinking she was even more critical than her mother.  That was a scary thought that sent shivers down her spine.  She weighed a good one hundred and thirty pounds, and she was hoping to keep it that way.  She promised herself, no matter what it took, she would not be gaining any of it back and wouldn't go lighter than one hundred and twenty-five pounds.  If she were lighter than that, she would sicken herself to no end.  That was just madness.

She walked into the kitchen and absent-mindedly put her breakfast together.  She kept thinking for some reason that she was making oatmeal, although she kept a box of cereal in her right hand.  At one point she found herself near the microwave, not really understanding why she was there in the first place.  She shrugged again and made a sigh, trying to find sense of her dream the night before.  Her small dog made her appearance stretching out and begging for whatever Alicia had in her hands.

"No way, dog," Alicia said shoving the last spoonful into her mouth and swallowing it, "This is the first time I have had breakfast in a while, and I don't feel like sharing.  Besides, you have a bowl full of kibble on the ground.  Right over there, now scoot."

The small dog snorted at her feet and walked toward her own small bowl.  Alicia smiled at the little dog and put her bowl full of milk in the sink.  Soon after breakfast, her mother drove up in her old, beat up station wagon to the apartment to pick her up. Alicia grabbed her backpack, prayed she finished all her homework that she needed to, and locked the door on her way out.  With four different advanced classes, she didn't want to remember all the assignments she had to do over the weekend.

As she climbed into the car her mother greeted her, but Alicia just said a quick "hi" and fell silent.

"You doing all right? You're usually a big chatter box in the mornings," her mother chuckled and began to pull the car away from the side of the apartment.  Alicia just nodded her head as she stared out the window, thinking about her dream, the man's picture, and the kind hand that helped her up. "You sure you don't want to stay home today?"

Alicia brought herself out of her dream state and diverted her eyes away from the window to look at her mother, "Yeah, I'm fine. I just had a dream that's bugging me. I almost micro-waved my milk this morning, while thinking about it.  I think."

"Not taking an opportunity to stay home from school, that's strange. You sure you don't have a temporary insanity virus?  I hear that is ranging rampant, especially in your group of friends."

"Hey!  My friends are some of the most sane people I know."

"Uh huh, I just want to make sure you are feeling all right.  You know how you can get sometimes.  If there is something out there, you will catch it.  And there has been a very bad flu going around."

"Yes, mother. I'm sure I'll be fine," Alicia turned back to the window and watched as the roadside plants and houses rushed by. The apartments slowly changed to housing developments and the trees' numbers began to decrease.  Alicia's best friend had recently just moved into a new housing development down the road, which just paved over one of her favorite orchards.  The house was beautiful, and Alicia wouldn't argue, but she still felt that it was wrong that they had some of the best farming land in the nation in this one town, and yet people are taking out orchards to make more housing space. 

Alicia's mother finally stopped in front of her a nice sized, two story house.  It was a nice light blue and Alicia sometimes thought it blended in with the sky perfectly.  The shutters where white, and Alicia would tease her friend that they reminded her of what a house on the prairie would look like.  That usually earned her a few good hits in the arm.

"So, are you going to sit here and stare, or are you going out to get your friend?" Alicia's mother asked.

"God, mom.  You know her name, I've known her for over twelve years now," Alicia smirked as she got out of the car and went up to the house's huge door to get her best friend. Her friend eventually came out and took a look at her.

"Ahoihoi Alicia," Alisa saluted her friend using their own personal greeting.

"Ahoihoi Alisa," Alicia said back, turning to walk back to the car.

"Wow, it looks like you've been through heck.  Even though I do like what you've done with your hair," she said snickering.

"Thanks for noticing," Alicia said in a sarcastic voice, "You can say that I've probably been to heck and back . . . twice."

"That's pretty harsh," Alisa said stopping momentarily to make a sad face at her friend.

"Tell me about it," they both loaded into the car and waited until they pulled up to the high school.

Alisa was about the same height as Alicia and just about the same age, with just a month separating the two; Alisa being the older of the two.   Alisa had the darker black hair and darker skin, as she was mostly Mexican in heritage, when Alicia was only a quarter.  Alicia was the brunet and didn't mind so much letting Alisa's black, raven head take the lead.  Although, neither girl was very coordinated, Alisa seemed to keep her balance a little better than that her younger friend.

Knowing each other since they were three, they have made it an art to know when each other needed someone to catch them when they trip or when they needed someone to finish their sentences.  Neither of them noticed the curb when they stepped from the car and they both tripped over it. They both stumbled and caught a hold of each other before they could go face first into the sidewalk.  After they both regained their balance they gave a sigh of relief that they wouldn't need to see the nurse this morning and walked near the entrance of the library.  Alicia waved to her mom to signal that they would be all right, and she took off without another thought.

Alisa ran to keep up with her best friend's stride, "So how was the trip?"

"What trip?" Alicia looked at her with confusion, tugging on the straps of her backpack.

"The trip to heck, smart one. Anything to do with boys we know? Namely Cameron?" Alisa said his voice in a singsong, elongated matter.

Alicia rolled her eyes, "Please, Cameron is the last person that I would be constantly thinking about."

Alisa laughed at her friend of twelve years, and turned her head to straight in front of them, "Speaking of the devil. Twelve O' Clock, and looking pretty good, may I add."

Alicia raised her eyes from the ground to see a boy goofing around with his group of friends. He was pretty tall at five foot ten inches, and was very well built by being in water polo and basketball. He turned his head toward them and just stared for about a minute, and it seemed like he mainly focused on Alicia. She found herself locked in his clear, dark blue eyes.  He was known as a great competitor in Mock Trials and in debate, and now trapped with in that gaze, Alicia knew why.  After the minute had passed he turned back to his friends and started to show off once again.  He tossed his head from side to side, also making his hair fly indifferent directions.

"He is so ego-centric," Alicia snorted and turned toward another hallway.

"But you have to admit, he is pretty cute, and he is really good in drama.  That's what it is, isn't it?  You're jealous," Alisa stepped in her friend's way.

"I bet I could beat him at it," Alicia stuck her nose in the air and looked the opposite way from Cameron.

"And yet, you haven't even challenged him once, oh talented one," Alisa said giving her a smirk and a flowing hand gesture.

"If I even get close to him he tries to show off how he could do something so well," Alicia said making a disgusted face, "And besides, I have the other leading role in the school play."

"Okay, okay, slow down. Anyway you seemed a little out of it in the car, you all right in there?" Alisa asked knocking on her head.

"I'll be fine," Alicia sighed looking at her friend.

"Okay, but if you need to talk, you know who to come to," Alisa inflated her chest to give her friend a hint.

"Yeah, yeah. I'll come and converse with the great and all powerful Alisa," Alicia bowed mockingly at Alisa.

Alisa waved and chuckled as she walked toward her first class, and Alicia turned the corner to get to hers. Unknown to her or Alisa someone else watched them from a distance, with concern on their face.

"Hey man, you alright?"

"Yeah, I'm ok," Cameron said to his friend, not taking his eyes off Alicia, until she disappeared from sight.  Afterwards he bowed his head and started to get his stuff in a pile.

His friend followed his gaze, "What's going on with her?"

"What are you talking about?" asked Cameron as he gathered up his stuff in his bag to go to class.

"You know what I mean, you look at her almost every day, but never do anything about it."

"You're just imagining things. I don't look at her everyday," Cameron smirked and didn't look up.  He slung his backpack over his shoulder and leaned to one side.

"Really? It sure seems like it," his friend taunted him jabbing his side.

"Yeah, yeah. Believe what you want," Cameron said brushing off his hand, "I need to get to class.  Talk with you later," Cameron went off into the direction that Alicia went, since they have the same class together each morning.