Chapter 14: What happened? Alicia opens her eyes to see a pure white room. The windows had white lace curtains, and the wind blew in with the sweet smell of roses. She looked down at her arms and saw that there was a small tube connecting from one of them. The tube went up to an IV bag that was hanging above her head. She felt her head with her other hand and found a bandage around her head. She tried to sit up, to take a better look at the room. At the foot of her bed there was a balloon that read, "Get Better Soon!" along with a few dozen bouquets of flowers. She saw that there were a few chairs that were arranged in a way that it looked like at one time a few people sat in a circle talking. She slung her feat over the side of the bed and touched the ground. It was strange, it seemed like she was forgetting something. 'Let's see . . . I know my name, Alicia Kunterk. I'm sixteen years old, have an older brother, and my best friends are Alisa, Melissa and John. Ok, so I don't have amnesia.' She mentally sung the alphabet and even tried it in Spanish, which she took a last year. She remembered everything, but something was missing. Something was forgotten. She sat on the edge of her hospital bed and strained to remember why she was in a hospital to begin with. After a half hour sitting on the edge of her bed, a chubby nurse with red hair came in. "So you're finally up." "How long have I been here?" "Not very long dear. Maybe two or three days. Open," Alicia opened her mouth as the nurse started to check her over. "No temperature. Can you remember anything about yourself?" "Yes." "Such as?" The nurse flashed a tiny flashlight into her eyes, "My name, age, best friends, where I go to school, what organizations I'm in." "Do you remember what happened to you?" "That's the weird thing, that's the only thing I don't remember." "Hm," the nurse finished her examination with testing Alicia's reflexes, "Well, I expect with a hit to the head like that you wouldn't remember anything at all. You're very lucky. You were found by a blast sight. Police, doing a search, found you lying a few feet away from the blast sight. It seems that two men were found. The police say they're the bombers of the high school and the bridge. Some bombs must have got out of control. Stupid people if you ask me." Alicia had a strange thought and a wave of worry went through her, "Was anyone else found with me?" "A young boy was found in another part of the park, but he is still asleep. Last time I checked anyway." "Do you know who he is?" "I think his name was Cameron. Do you know him?" "Cameron? I know him, but why was he in the park?" "What were you doing in the park dear?" "I remember being in the blast at the school. Finding no one I went to my home and found a spare key. Spent the night there, and I guess I wanted to take a walk in the park." "Well, you're able to receive visitors, all I can see on you is the big bump on the head, and a few scratches. Nothing to be worried about." The nurse left to go to the next room, 'She was sure helpful. I wonder why Cameron was in the park. And why I didn't see him. Or did I?' Her thoughts were interrupted when her parents and older brother came rushing into the room. After the visit from her family, her best friends came in and explained some of the Cameron stuff with her. "It kind of looked like you two were getting comfy with one another," Melissa nudged Alicia in the side. "Me and Cameron getting comfy?" The group nodded and the two girls had big smiles on their faces. Alicia rolled her eyes and before they left Alisa came up to her, "Alicia?" "One thing about Cameron." "What's that?" "You were really interested in his crest on his binder. If that will help you remember any." "Thanks." "No problem. See you in school. We have to go to the one down the road now. Or until they finish rebuilding the other one." She slipped out the door and Alicia laid back, thinking that she might be able to get some sleep, but to no avail. She decided to take a walk around. She passed the room next to hers and saw that Cameron was in it. He was awake and looking out the window. Alicia didn't particularly want to talk with him, but something made her stay and watch him through the window that looked in from the hallway. She watched him pick up a ring from the bedside table, and a memory, or at least part of one came back, 'I'll always be there for you.' Alicia smiled to herself and began to walk down the hallway once again. Inside the room Cameron looked to his right and only caught a glimpse of brown hair passing by his window. 'Alicia? Why was she found with me?' *** Soon afterward Alicia got to go home and she found her sketchbook, which she looked through. She came upon a page that had a light sketch of a schematics. 'What is this?' she looked at it in all the angles she could, 'It feels as if it is important, somehow.' Later that day she went to the police station and gave them the sketch. She explained where she found it. They called out a specialist, who in turn called a FBI agent. The agent thanked her and told her that they had been looking for this for a while now. (That probably wouldn't happen in real life, but please stick to the story) They sent her on her way, but with her pockets full with a reward. *** The next week it was back to school, and back to the play, which opened that night. Alicia looked over her lines, thinking that the hit to the head would have knocked some of the lines out, but she remembered every bit of the play. She sat with her friends, and then looked over at Cameron who just got dressed in his costume. She tried walking over in her costume, which proved more difficult then what she thought it would. 'I know something is missing, and it has to do with Cameron.' "Is anyone sitting here?" "Nope." "Can I sit here?" "Knock yourself out," he never even looked up from his script. "He didn't even know who it was, but just started talking. "You know it's weird. It feels like- like . . ." "Like you're missing something, but you don't know what it is?" "Exactly," he finally looked at Alicia. "Oh, it's you." "That's a nice hello." "Sorry," he kind of blushed, "Um, do you know what happened that day?" "No," she looked him in the eyes, "But I know that it has something to do with you." "Same here." "Every one places! Victoria! William! Get ready!" They both got up and headed toward the stage. "Talk about it afterwards?" "You bet." The play was a big success with Alicia and Cameron being the leads. Everyone thought that they were the best. Whitney came over to Cameron after the play and hugged him. "You were so wonderful, sweetie!" "Um, thanks Whitney . . ." he looked over to his left and saw Alicia watching them walking outside toward the lake by the theater. "Excuse me," he pushed Whitney away from him, and walked out after Alicia. He found her on the bench near the water throwing some petals into the water. He leaned on the tree nearby and sighed loud enough for her to hear. "I was wondering when you would show up, William." She turned around and smiled, she was reciting one of the lines of the play. He smiled and walked over to sit down next to her. "You know," she started, "It's weird. I have the strangest feeling coming from you. Like we've been through something that has-" "Created a bond that could never be broken," he finished for her. She laughed under her breath and looked at the petals that were floating along with the ripples in the water. "Alicia?" She turned her attention from the water and up to his eyes, "Cameron?" "Did you feel something when we kissed on stage?" "Like something that I felt before. From sometime and some place?" "Yeah," he cupped her face in his hand, brushing through her hair. She started to breath faster, as her heart started to beat faster. For the second time in her life, looking into his eyes, she found out that she was in love with Cameron. She didn't know how or when it happened, but it did. And she was thankful. They started to lean in toward each other. "Alicia- " "Cameron-" They said each other's names at the same time, almost whispering. "I think that I love you," Cameron finally closed the gap. He put his hand behind her head to pull her in for a more passionate kiss. She balanced with one hand as she held Cameron's face with the other. They sat on the bench held in the kiss, for as long as they could, until they pulled apart slowly. Alicia smiled and looked at Cameron through half opened eyes, "You think that you're in love with me?" "Take it back, I know." With that he pulled her into another kiss. After the second kiss they just stayed on the bench holding each other. "Will we ever figure out what really happened, Cameron?" "I don't know," he lifted his hand with his ring, and took it off. He put it on her thumb, since it was too big to fit on any of the other fingers, "but whatever happens, we'll do it together." She looked at the ring glimmer with the reflection from the moon. She saw two lions on either side of a giant bird. She smiled as she remembers the same ring being somewhere back in time, in a time she can't remember. A time that she needed someone and it was there. He was there. She nodded and followed the outline of the ring with her pointer finger from the other hand. "Together."