A/n: Ack. I wrote poetry. It’s a first for me. I felt really depressed, so I would appreciate no flames or anything.


I say that I’m okay,

When really everyday,

I want my life to end,

Or at least my heart to mend.

My tears keep falling,

While my voice keeps calling,

That distant help is nowhere near,

I just want away from here.

You say you understand,

But there’s no way you can,

You’ve caused me all this pain,

Yet you still don’t know my name.

Life goes on, they say,

I really don’t know if it may,

This is so unfair,

Because no one even cares.

You can tell me how to feel,

But what you say isn’t real,

You’ve made me cry night and day,

And bleeding on this cold floor is where I lay.


A/n: I can’t write poetry. That was crap. I changed my mind. Tell me how horrible it is in a review, kay? Thanks. I need to be flamed. â€"sigh- Later,