Melina and the Babbling Brook
~*Princess Jayyne*~

Melina was always quite the gossip. She was the person that one would always go to in order to find out something about someone. Melina wasn't exactly honest, her policy was, "The juicer the better," so she would even stretch the information she achieved to make it sound better then it really was and somehow she would always manage to distort them only the slightest bit just to make it a little bit juicier and a little bit more evil. Usually this would be acceptable with the gods. Why should they care what the mortals do when it doesn't involve them? This was the problem though. Soon it did involve them.
Melina had quite a few sources, though, and used them to the best of her ability. She would play mind games and confuse people until they ending up blurting out what she wanted to know. She was getting bored with all of the same old information to spread around, so Melina decided to go to the nymphs and ask them for gossip.
Up to then no mortal had ever dared to go to the nymphs for such a childish and unimportant thing as gossip, but Melina was determined to get some more interesting rumors to spread and would not be discouraged by anybodies doubts. So Melina set off and met with the water nymphs. She pleaded and begged and prodded, but the nymphs stood firm. Finally Melina came up with a most devious plan. She told them that she probably had better gossip then them anyway. The nymphs, though not angered, were insulted by this remark. A mere mortal knows more then nymphs? It could not be so! The nymphs then said one gossip after another, each one, no matter how juicy Melina turned down, saying she had much better ones. The nymphs finally reached their last rumor, which was about how Oceanus had blackmailed Poseidon to get to his current position because Oceanus knew that Poseidon used fake dice to get the second best score, and just as they said it, Melina's eyes lit up and blazed like two burning torches amongst darkness. Her plan had worked, now she knew every secret the nymphs knew! Melina went back to her town, proudly dispersing this information all over. The nymphs, having realized they'd been tricked, went to their ruler, Oceanus, and explained what had happened and that how a mortal now knew all the secrets of the gods!
Oceanus was outraged! He immediately took action by changing his appearance to that of a mortal and went to visit Melina. He asked if she had heard any good gossip lately and just as she finished telling him about the juiciest one of all (which just so happened to be about Oceanus, himself) he took her by the hand and led her straight to the spot where she acquired the information from the nymphs. He asked if this was the place she had found all this out and just as she replied yes Oceanus transformed her into a brook and said, "Seeing that you like talking to these nymphs so very much, you may now make yourself at home here." After that, whenever someone would walk by that spot they can hear the brook to seemingly ask for new gossip, as she has once again gotten tired of her source and sometimes when you walk by a brook if you listen really carefully you might hear in the background the pleas of the nymphs begging to be taken away from the talkative brook. For, not only did Oceanus punish Melina, but he also punished the nymphs for giving her the information she desired, and placed her there as a brook to put the nymphs through eternities of gossip and whining.