My Assertion of His Bravery

I am under the
Impression that he is
Brave. He must
Have been once or
If not, as close then
To. Here we sit
In-half of expectation
An age where if you
Are brave then you are
Un-American and
He does not ever…

I cannot remember.

It is built up, even when
It is warm the winds
Carry flag-twisting significance:
He is brave.
He does not want me to
Assert he runs scared
Hiding between the buildings
And negates their
Shuddery seriousness.

He is brave.

Only in: I would
Rather he be abrupt, he have
The broad-shouldered
Intensity of acceptance. Not courage.
No he is brave.

He does not want to be
Brave he is.
When: he never said Napoleon
He did not have to. Outside
The precocious
Mockingbirds bend
Cattails without a swamp
Without rain and cold.

They are
Brave. He.

In blue flowers not yellow but
White, he alights his own
Private imago without being
Brave, and
In essence, that is what
It is. Not courage.

I would assume: that
He is brave.