Stevens And Frost And Scolding Blackbirds

Spring has never
Reminded me of Robert Frost.
Not once before. It was not the "longest
Day of the year" then but it was close and far from Spring.

The maple(oak? ash?) here is
Green and gold,
Which is quite a stretch of conventional
Coloring. There are many Other Things
It is cold in the
Shade a blackbird is yelling
Cruelly towards the lesser
Wallace Stevens reminds
Me of Winter and

It is Spring.

One tree across the street is
Red and in the same light turning
Any un-classification to
Gold. It is small and I remember it never
Assumed anything. Grass
Grows round now and the grass is gold,
Like Stevens. Like Robert Frost.

The overgrowth is
Surprising and not entirely
Bad. The weeds reaching
All the piled stones, all the
Rude little sparrows flicking by the stately

Some birds came Here
From Europe one the
Riggings of old

(It is less real,
In daylight.)

The nameless insects are dust
Motes and