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The Spork Bandits: Writer Spork

My full name was Alexandra Elizabeth Tomiki. Keyword: was. That hasn't been my name now for 18 years. Personally, I don't miss it.
You can call me Alex.
I'm one of the seven Spork Bandits. Oh, have you never heard of us? I'm not surprised. People now and days are too busy with their own lives to bother finding out about ours. Well, then, I suppose it's my duty as the author to tell you about us.
Of course, you know that the current year is 2287. You know of the energy that sporks release, and you know that it is one of the only sources left on the Earth. And I am sure that you know of the condition of the planet, as you live on it. No? Well, you are clueless, aren't you? I suggest you read Outlaws' stories to find the entire story of the energy sporks release. I don't have the kind of time to explain it all to you. I will, though, give it to you in a nut shell.
The planet was covered in violent sand storms in the year 2286. Now the world is covered in sand. Water supplies are low, and so is the only available source. Do you know what that source is? Come on, now, its not that hard. Exactly. Sporks. The Spork Bandits travel togethor searching for sporks. We want our planet back to normal. So we sacrifice our simple lifes to find hope for others.
Our leader, Outlaw, was the one that brought us together. The six of us, Jetite, Jake, R.J., Mojo, Becky, and I, found each other through Outlaw. But that is a story for another day. I am here to tell you about me. About who I am, and how I came to join the Spork Bandits.

One question before I begin. Are you saying to yourself, "What do I care? I don't want to read a story about some girl's past. What's gone is gone." Before you close this story, read it. Trust me, by the time you finish, you will care.