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The Spork Bandits: Writer Spork
Chapter Four

I parked the RV next to the Inn and opened my door. Ganbatte was sitting on the passenger seat as usual. He was whimpering and barking at me. I stared at him for a while, wondering what his problem was.

"Come on, Ganbatte. I have to mail this article today or the boss'll have a fit!"

I stroked Ganbatte's back and scratched his ears. He was acting very peculiar.
I jumped out of the RV, pushing the worry from my mind. I had arrived in Roswell, one of the few places left in the world that had its original name. It was not very impressive. It was a desert town, with barely twenty buildings. I would have never stopped there, if I hadn't had such little money.
I turned towards the RV again, and noticed that Ganbatte hadn't gotten out yet. I whistled for him. Still, he refused to get out. I tapped my foot impatiently, and accidentally caused a cloud of dust to rise. The grime coated the inside of my nose and my throat. I coughed and called for Ganbatte again.

"Damn it, Gan, get out of the car!"

He only whimpered in reply. Finally, I got fed up.

I would not have yelled if I had not been so angry already. I regret yelling at him now. I should have known he was just trying to protect me.
Ganbatte looked at me, then timidly jumped from the RV. I sighed. He could cause so much trouble sometimes. I bent down and scratched his ears, then walked towards the towns Inn. Gan followed me cautiously.

"Damn Gan, you need to chill. There is nothing to worry about; it's just another mail stop. "

I had no idea how wrong I was.

"Listen Sir, I just need to mail this article to my boss. I don't need a room."

The pudgy man minding the desk at the Inn stared at me. "So" he said. "Which room would you like?"

I let out an exasperated sigh. "Fine, I'll take a room. As long as I get to mail this."

He smiled, making his mustache wiggle. It was a strange sight.

"Of course ma'am." he said, taking the article from me and putting in a mailbag. "Now, which room would you like?"

I glanced down at Ganbatte. He seemed to share my feeling that something was weird about this town.

"So..what rooms are available?"

"Whatever room you would like, ma'am."

"Heh, ok...I'll take the cheapest one you've got."

He smiled once again, and handed me a key. "Here you are ma'am, that'll be five creds."

I handed over the money and snatched the key from him.

"C'mon, Gan. We payed for this room, we might as well enjoy it."
When we arrived at our room, it was much better than I expected. It had an actual couch!

"Gan...we are the luckiest bandits this side of Sector 34!"
I grinned and kicked off my boots. It was obviously time for a well deserved nap.

After a few hours or so of sleeping, Ganbatte and I went to explore the town. It was dusty and grimy, and not very pretty. It was even worse than my hometown.
Soon my eyes caught a glimpse of a neon sign. I smiled. At least this God-forsaken town had a bar.
Gan looked at me questioningly. I raised my eyebrow at him.

"Don't give me that look, Gan. I refuse to give in! I know I shouldn't squander our last few creds at a bar, but hell, there is no better way to go broke then on beer."
I grinned and walked into the bar. Gan followed, still giving me the "look".

The bartender looked up at me as I slid into a seat.

"What'll ya' have?"

"Hmm...I'm not sure, whats cheap, tastes halfway decent, and'll get me as drunk as the expensive stuff?"

"Eh...le'ssee..aha! You'll like thi'." He mixed me the drink and set it in front of me.

"What is it?"

"And old drink, pre-appocotolypic even! The' used to call it a Jack Daniels."

I blinked. "Nice name...how much does it cost?"

"A cred."

"Damn, that is cheap."
The price lightened my mood a bit. I handed him a cred, them drank half of that "Jack Daniels" thing in one gulp.

Instantly my eyes went out of focus.

"Hell, you weren't joking about this being strong, were you?"

He laughed. I shrugged. Oh well, at least it was cheap.

After finishing off that drink, I felt rather woozy. I stumbled out the bar door. Ganbatte was close behind.
To my right, I saw several motorcycles lined up. Five men sat either on one of the bikes, or upon the ground. I walked past them. They looked like trouble, most dressed entirely in leather with bandanas on their heads.
I shook my head and walked on, when suddenly I heard a shrill whistle.
My eyes darted to the man who had whistled at me. He smirked.

"Hey, why don't you come on over here and talk to me?" he called.

I rolled my eyes. "Let's go, Gan." We began to walk away, when another man called to me.

"Hey, you bitch! Don't ever turn your back on Chain Link!"

I whirled. My hair flew out behind me.
"Listen you jackasses, just leave me alone. I'm not in the mood for slaughtering today."

Four of the men gasped mockingly and looked back at Chain Link, waiting for his reaction. I wasn't going to wait. I turned around once again and stormed off. That was when I felt a hand clasp down on my shoulder and spin me back in the direction of the gang.

Chain Link smiled at me. It was a disgusting smile, and made shivers run up my spine. I pushed his hand off of my shoulder.

"What are you, deaf? I told you to leave me alone."

"Oh, come on. You're all alone, why not hang out with us?"

I didn't say anything, just glared and turned to walk away again.
Ganbatte looked back at Chain Link and growled.

"Gan, come on we're leaving."

I continued walking away, when suddenly I heard a yelp from Ganbatte. I turned just in time to see Chain Link running at me. He tackled me to the ground. I immediately reached for my gun, but it wasn't locked at my belt anymore. It must have fallen out of my reach when Chain Link tackled me.
I felt his hands clasp around my neck. He was trying to strangle me.
I turned to my only defence. I clawed at his face, perhaps drawing blood at one point. His grip around my neck loosened. I gulped in air and tried to kick him off of me. Unfortunately, his grip returned. Spots began to appear in front of my eyes after awhile. I blinked, trying to keep them away. I was weakening, and all of a sudden I could no longer fight him off. I was completely limp, I could no longer breath. And still he didn't let me go.

I heard some of his gang trying to calm him down. I believe some even said he should stop, that killing a man was one thing but a woman?

Then I heard a growl amidst the murmurs. Ganbatte!
My eyes rolled to the side of my head and I was able to see Ganbatte as he bit Chain Link. Instantly Chain Link let me go and tried to fight off Ganbatte. But my dog was determined, he would not let Chain Link go.
I jumped to my feet and ran to the RV.

"Ganbatte!! Get over here, now!" I called him.

I jumped into the RV and started it up. Out of the corner of my eye I spotted Ganbatte, running from the gang. I leaned over and opened the passenger side door. Ganbatte jumped in, and I punched the gas. We sped off down the dusty road. I glanced at the rear-view mirror. I saw the Blood Brothers cursing, swearing, and spitting to the back of our retreating RV.
I looked over at Ganbatte, and reached over to pet him. He seemed to glow with happiness. He new he had done something wonderful. I smiled.

"Thanks Gan, you saved my life again."

My eyes shifted back to the road.

"But I'm afraid it's not over yet"