Note from Shadow: Here's the story reposted and revised. A few minor changes, but you don't have to reread this if you've already read it. The plot is still the same. I'd like to thank Jacaranda for editing almost all of my stories. Without her I'd be doing that myself, and I'm not nearly as good as her at editing. Go Jacaranda! Please read and review.


Kat took the bracelet from the gift-wrapped box. The silver glinted in the dim light from the bare bulb on the ceiling. A card fell to the ground. The words "To: Kat From: Mom" seemed to echo in the sound of its fall. Kat placed the bracelet on her wrist and fastened the clasp. Icy cold electricity crawled through her veins. Somehow she knew that this would bring her trouble. She only hoped it would be worth it somehow.

            "Alley cat, we gotta get out of here. Your dad's car just came around the corner," El whispered from her position outside of the door.

            "Alright, let's get out of here," Kat responded walking through the hidden door.

            Electricity or El for short waited outside the door, twisting a piece of her short red hair nervously. They kept low as they walked toward the inconspicuous car they'd come in. Kat heard the sound of an alarm behind her and dashed the rest of the way to the car. She hopped over the hood and yanked the door open. El was already putting on her seatbelt so Kat yanked hers on and slammed the door.

            "Drive!" she yelled as she heard sirens coming toward them. El floored it and they drove away, tires screeching like a scene from a car chase in a movie.

            "Alley cat, you owe me big for this one," El stated wryly.

            "Hey, I'll buy you some coffee later."

            "I was thinking bigger than that," El grumbled.

            "The way you drink coffee I'm likely to be broke," Kat pointed out defensively.

            "True," El said laughing.

            (Silver, silver) a voice in the back of Kat's mind whispered. Kat ignored it.

            El stopped at a diner where the girls got some coffee and food. They left and drove back to the rundown apartment they shared with a few friends. Nothing would ever be the same.