She wasn't allowed to rest for long before two women burst through the doors. One was middle-aged with dark brown hair and piercing baby blue eyes and the other was younger with curly light brown hair and kind black eyes.

            "Darling, we came as soon as we heard you were here. Katrina, isn't it?"

            "Actually, my name is Kat,"

"I'm Lady Glianna and this is my daughter, Caria."

"Hi," Kat said disinterestedly.

"Hello," Caria said ignoring Kat's attitude.

"No offense or anything but who are you people?" Kat asked when the silence became oppressive.

"I'm Lady Glianna and this is-"

"I know your names," Kat interrupted impatiently.

Caria smiled understandingly. "You have met Lord Siahar?" she asked not waiting for an answer, "Mother is his wife and I am his daughter."

"That explains a lot," Kat replied. Caria gave her a strange look but ignored the comment.

"We're here to help you get ready for the banquet in your honor."


"Yes, dear, we're just ever so pleased you're finally here," Lady Glianna gushed.

"Wait! Are you telling me that you're the same people who caused all of this?"

"Well, uh, yes, didn't Lukas tell you about the war between our families?"

"You're the same family?" Kat asked stunned.

"Yes, I remember when it happened. Siahar and I had just gotten married and-"

"You were ALIVE?" Kat said beginning to dislike this hallucination, "Lukas said it was one hundred and eleven centuries ago!"

"So it was," the woman replied cheerfully.

"I've lost my mind," Kat muttered darkly.

"Pardon me?" Lady Glianna asked.

"Never mind. So what's in it for you?"

Both of the women gave her a strange look.

"I mean, what do you get out of this? You bring me here to what? Reunite our families or something?"

"Yes." Caria said simply.

"Why?" Kat yelled. 'My brain must really be messed up if I can't even hallucinate logically,' she thought bleakly.

"No need to yell, Lady," Caria replied sweetly, "Mainly, we know that reuniting our two families will make us stronger. We are, after all, two of the most powerful families here."

"Are you talking about magic?"

"Well, in essence, yes."

"There is no such thing as magic!!" Kat yelled unable to contain her frustration at the direction this conversation had taken. The bracelet glowed silver. Kat blinked her eyes in surprise. She screamed and held her arm as far as possible from her body.

(Silver, Silver) a voice in Kat's head whispered.

"Now you've done it," Lady Glianna shouted at her daughter. Caria, having more brains than her mother, ran from the room and quickly found Lukas. As soon as he heard the word bracelet he dashed out of his suite and to Kat's door.

"Oh shit, now I'm hallucinating about glowing bracelets. This is so typical! I can't even go insane like a normal person!" she yelled.

"Alley cat, you've got to calm down," Lukas said gently.

"I tried that already," she snapped. Lukas frowned worriedly. The magic was draining her and if she didn't stop soon she might die. She just wasn't used to the energy it took. She obviously wasn't going to calm down on her own so he walked toward her and grabbed her shoulders. He whispered a few words and she crumpled against him. He placed her on a bed and sighed wearily. 'Kat is so good at first impressions,' he thought sarcastically as he went to explain why she nearly killed two members of the royal family.