They Will Come

The rafters bleed

Inside this place

The floors are hollow

Empty space

And they will come

All who enter

Shan’t return

When fires crackle

Fires burn

And they will come

But we are brave

And we are wise

This will not be

Our demise

But yet they come

Blown out candles

Keep the dark

Walking softly

Leave no mark

But yet they come

They can hear us

Make no sound

Their bodies rising

From the ground

Now they come

We enter in

This is their space

We don’t belong

In this dark place

Now they come

We’re in their home

They want us gone

We’re in their grave

They want us done

They come for us

The rancid smell

Of burning flesh

But we are strong

We are fresh

They come for us

Their eyes are gone

Their brains are dead

Their skin is cold

Their blood not red

They see us

We see them

The scent of death

Drifts in the air

This place is hell

But they don’t care

They’ll kill us

And in death, we are alone.