Friendship, Fact or Fiction


Is it real?


Isn’t supposed to last?


Aren’t they supposed to be there in times of need?


Through good, through bad, through life’s ups and downs.

True Friends

Those who listen to you, who cry when you cry to laugh when you laugh to mourn when you mourn.

Past Friends

People you thought would be in your life until it ends.

Past Friends

Those who turned on you in one blinding act of rage. Those you found out bring out the worst in you, and yet you still hope for the friend to come back only to lose them once again.


A good thing a bad thing a bad thing you decide. Do you have a friend, a true friend or only past friends? I have true friend, and more, a lover.

So what do you think, FRIENDSHIP fact or fiction?

Dedicated To: My true friend and lover


May I always be there for you.