A/N This is just a little dream I had and so I've decided to explore the idea. This is the first original thing I've posted, so read and review and let me know how you like it.

A young bride walked down the aisle. Her heart was filled with apprehension and fear, for she had never seen her husband.

She was a part of an experiment; could two total strangers be married, given a child, and be successful in a domestic environment. She was fresh out of college and was intrigued by such a challenge. She signed up, figuring she had nothing to lose.

Now she was here, her face completely covered by her veil. She would not be allowed to see her husband until the wedding vows were complete. She reached the alter and someone placed her hands into those of her future husband. His hands are large, but soft and warm, She thought to herself when the considerably larger hands enveloped hers.

They completed their wedding vows. She picked up on his very deep, baritone voice. She smiled, trying to envision the man with large hands and an incredibly sexy voice.

Now, before we lift the veil, there are somethings you need to know. You already have a child. That's why we asked for you to donate sperm and eggs about nine months back. The child is both of yours, you will learn more about the child when you reach your home. Also, you are expected to share the same bed every night. We will be monitoring this via cameras, along with all of your actions. You both need to get a job, The preacher glanced over at towards the girl. If you wish, Chasity, you may stay home and raise the child. However, Brandon, you need to find a job as soon as the one month honeymoon is over, then the preacher adjusted his voice to sound jolly. I know pronounce you man and wife, you may now see your bride, the preacher smiled.

Chasity giggled at the slightly different ending. Then she prepared her self to see him. After the veil came off, Chasity stood there in awe. He was beautiful.

He was tall, probably 6'4. His head was covered with a short mass of black hair. His eyes were dark brown and were slightly inset in his handsome face. His body was completely tanned. He had wide, broad shoulders and a trim waist, all leading down to long, athletic legs. Chasity's mouth fell open. The man she had just married was a god.

Brandon smiled down at his new wife. She was small, only about 5'. She had a slightly pudgy face and had a cute, babyish look. She wasn't beautiful, but pretty in her own way. She had lovely green eyes and long light brown hair. She stood with pride and confidence and because of that, Brandon liked her.

They were a very odd looking pair, yet they seemed to fit together perfectly. Brandon leaned down and kissed the top of her light brown hair.

I'm Brandon, he said, unsure of what else to say.
I'm Chasity, she replied with a giggle in her voice.