Fun With A Camera- Episode 1

*Caitlin and Irene appear on the stage, which is actually Caitlin's basement*
*Caitlin* Ready? Let's get started!
* Irene grins and nods* Yah! *she walks over to the bookshelf and yanks a large suitcase-shaped item off the top of it*
*Caitlin opens the case*
CRASH! BANG! CLATTER! WHUMP! Click-click-click-click WHAM! Whrrrrrrr
*The camera flickers on, fully operational, though everything else in the room is shattered*
*Caitlin* Oops.
*Irene facepalms* You know, we should have a third person. Know anyone?
*Caitlin thinks, then grins and snaps her fingers. Cija falls through the roof*
*Cija moans* Wha- What am I doing here? *she looks at Caitlin* Caitlin?! *she looks at Irene* And who are yoU?!
*Caitlin* This is my house
*Cija's eyes light up* Ooooohhh!
*Irene* I'm one of Caitlin's other friends. Irene's my name. I go to a school an hour from here where all the people are insane, just like me1 *she grins*
*Cija* An hour away? Wow, you drove all this way?
*Irene* No, I live here. I drive to school.
*Irene laughs* Yes.
*Cija* Jeez. . .so, uh. . .why am I here?
*Caitlin* You're gonna help with our t.v. show!
*Cija* Yea! Wheeeeee!
*Irene* She sure gets excited easily
*Caitlin* So are the effects of $10 worth of sugar.
*Irene* O_O. Well. . .*turns on camera* Let's get started!
The Dance Party
*Caitlin flicks on the radio*
Havin' fun! Isn't hard! when you've got a library card!
*Caitlin laughs and starts dancing and singing*
*Cija* Huh?
*Irene sweatdrops* Let's move on *presses a button*
Na Na Na Na! Na Na Na Na! Hey Hey Hey! Goooodbye! Na Na Na Na! Na Na Na Na! Hey He Hey! Goooodbye!
*Caitlin and Cija grin* Hey! Remember The Titans!
*Irene rolls her eyes and presses the button again*
There she goes just a' walkin' down the strrt signin' Doo Wah Ditty Ditty Dum Ditty Doo! She looks good, she looks fine. . .!
*Caitlin* Oooh, I love this song! Oldies, yeah!
*Irene and Cija both sweatdrop and dive for the button*
*Irene's latest choir song comes on, and Irene starts singing. Caitlin and Irene listen for a few minutes, then everyone falls silent*
*Irene* Nah, not insane enough for right now. I'll save it more my concert
*Cija* Wow, your CONCERT?!
*Irene* Well, uh. . .not exactly. . erm. . .not yet. . .*she quickly presses the button*
And then I saw her face! Now I'm a beliver!
*All three girls shreek* Shrek! *they all start singing. This goes on for a bit*
*Caitlin* Alright, one more *presses the button*
*Irene* Hey, I get to press the button!
Dance to the music! Dance to the music!
*Irena and Cija* Shrek again!
*Caitlin* Hey, I dance to this! *starts dancing from the dane in her class*
*Cija and Irene stare. Irene leaps on top of Caitlin and Cija turns to the camera*
*Cija* We're moving on to the next segment now! *she walks offstage, an Caitlin and Irene roll off in the background*
*the camera turns off*
The Cooking Show
*All three girls appear in aprons behind a table in the kitchen*
*Caitlin* Today we will be making. . .
*Irene and Cija* Chocolate chip cookies!
*Caitlin cracks some eggs. Suddenly yolk drips onto the floor*
*Caitlin* Eeeew. . .Irene, um. . .watch out for-
*Irene walks on stage holding a bag of flour. she slips on the egg* Ahhhhhh! *everything turns white as the camera is covered with with powder. Suddenly a towel wipes off the camera. The entire kitchen is chalk-white*
*Cija* Oh, boy. . .*she adds water and butter*
*Irene* Now we stir!
*They all attack the bowl. When the dust clears the bowl is upside down and the dough is in a pile on the table*
*Caitlin, scooping the dough into the bowl again* And now the most important ingredient. .
*All* SUGAR! *a blob of sugar falls into the bowl and is mixed in by magic*
*Caitlin* And now my favorite part, the chocolate chips! *she adds them and the dough now resembles something like coal*
*Irene* Want some cookie with your chocolate chips, eh?
*Cija laughs and tries some* Yummy! Let's bake them! *she throws handfuls of dough onto a cookie sheet and pops it into the oven* Now we wait
*As they wait, a low rumbling sound begins to come from the oven*
*Irene is in the corner, looking at something. Her eyes widen* Uh-oh. ..
*Cija and Caitlin* What. . .?
*Irene turns around the flour container. On it is is written Baking Soda*
*Everyone begins panicking and hides behind chairs. The rumbling gets louder until*
*The camera blacks out*

Checking E-mail
*AOL* You've got mail!
*Caitlin* What the-? I don't get AOL
*Cija* You do now!
*Caitlin facepalms* Oh great.
*Irene loads the e-mail and clicks on the first one* "Buy pills online'' . . .no. .. *the next one* "Self-help books''. . .maybe
*Caitlin* HEY!!
*Cija coughs and grabs the mouse* "Free drugs'' Ew. . .no!
*Caitlin point to another e-mail marked Dancing Cats* Hey, what's that?
*Cija clicks it and all of a sudden, bright orange cats start dancing to elevator music on the compuer screen. All three girls scream in panic. Cija manages to close the e-mail, but drops the mouse*
*Caitlin picks it back up and looks at the next e-mail. It comes from Irene*
*Caitlin* Hey, Irene, this one's from you!
*Irene* Er. ..don't read that
*Caitlin* Why?
*Cija* Yeah, what's so bad about-?
*Irene's voice booms from the computer at full high pitch*
*Irene laughs* It's a reording*
*Caitlin and Cija hold their ears. Caitlin quickly clicks on the next e-mail and reads it*
*Caitlin* Caity- Time for dinner -Mom
*Cija* Caity?. . .
*Irene* Ahhh, darn!
*Cija* That's it for today's show!
*Caitlin*Tune in next tine
*Irene* we'll see you soon!
*All* BYE!
*Cija dissapears and Irene and Caitlin run down for dinner*