As I stand upon your lonely grave, it’s nothing much to see.

Nothin left of us, just a you and me,

As I stand about, it’s all just a haze,

So through buried memories I decide to gaze.

Through a vision of smoke and fire,

I saw death; a grim desire,

Your reaching hands, our beating hearts.

Was what death ripped apart.

And from whence the shadows play,

Came death on this sunny day.

I heard a different scream of pain,

I looked, and saw another, death had slain.

My eyes were for you and you alone,

Your blood covered us both, and through your wound I could see-flesh, blood and bone.

So I held you tight.

Begging you not to go, yet death was stronger, and pulled with all its might.

As I stand upon your lonely grave I feel a gentle breeze,

And suddenly I smile, and my mind’s all at ease.

With the knowledge that I’ll see you soon,

As another death had taken to their silent tomb.