The keeper of the spacebar saw that his customers were beginning to pay their tabs and prepare to leave. In an effort to keep the customers around, he called out for someone to tell a story. A woman stood from the midst of the crowd and with a small, knowing smile she climbed up onto the stage and sat down on the cushioned stool. She cleared her throat and the keeper nodded for her to continue.

"Hello. My name is mine and you shall not know it, but I am here to tell you a story. This story is not for the faint-hearted or those who wish for peace and no violence. This is the story of a small world on the End and of the people who lived there. A people with more then a few secrets." A few murmurs spread threw the crowd and the woman knew she had caught everyone's attention.

"Before I start this tale, I wish to refresh in your minds the so far undeniable rules of intelligent life. One, the only planets capable of containing intelligent life is the third planet of solar systems.

"Two, all intelligent species, so far, are humanoids with DNA almost identical to that of the first space faring race, the Earthlings.

"Three, all intelligent species are violent and suspicious of those unlike them. It is encoded in the genetic information of sentient beings and likely it will remain so for the rest of Time.

"Now that I have brought the rules back to your immediate memories, I will tell the tale, which will be told in the first person, mind you. So gather round, make yourself comfortable, call for some more ale and prepare your minds for the Tale of Toelria."


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