Vying With The Sun For His Glancing

The surname is
Dependent; one may shape
That which
Has been
Given. The movement in his
Arms(I-am-crying)as it is May and Spring and all for Once,
His darkness
Against His
Poignantly constant
Eyes. It is warm he is wearing
I would be
There to tell him. Never once,
It has appeared in the patterning
Flights he challenges
By simply squinting.

The sun turns
From him because Someone
Has decreed
That It cannot

I am seeing behind a tinted
Excuse. I would be there to
Tell him. Stare up…then.

The sun will turn
From him. Kisses and
Smiles and stories and lifetimes
Fleeing thru' electricity---

I remembered:
What I would. He caught
Me squinting only
He could not
Have. It is so hard between
The retracting-expanding
Space. In daylight it is

The sun
Loves you
As well.