Um...yeah. Sorry about the long delay. I haven't been in a very creative mood lately. This was inspired when I was bored and started wrapping the wire from my headphones around my pinky. Strange. Enjoy, and please leave a review!

Apotheosis (Deux es Machina)

The wires run as surely as veins
through this husk of a human,
a mere outer shell,
sending electric currents
where blood once ran.

Vital no more is the plasma;
we choose instead to heed
the call of the streaming media,
placing our faith and trust
in the man on the static screen.

Compassion no longer has any meaning
in the machine world;
we are all computers
with no use for hearts
and even less for souls.

Come and join the piper!
You'll be mesmerized
by his mechanical perfection
and the absence of the scar
from the operation table.

He once was human, lived life -
but the Motherboard took control
and he realized the futility of passion.
He's dominated by shades of gray now -
Don't you want to know what it's like?

From the higher realm of consciousness
you could scoff at the groundlings
and own the stage.
Be the puppets' master,
and control them.

And at the end of the day,
catch unconsciousness by the neck
and snap it into a million pieces.
Sleep is the enemy,
unnecessary and crippling.

God is the machine.

Gah. That was a futile effort to write something dramatic. Oh well. Criticism is very much appreciated.