Gah. I just realized that I'm no good at sestinas. (Sestina = a poem that uses the same ending words in each stanza, only in different patterns.) I think my problem is that I need to expand the stanzas more and use better word choices...gah. Anyway, this was based on a very thought-provoking piece of music, Rachmaninoff's Prelude in G Minor (I think it's #5). Enjoy, and please review!

Rachmaninoff's Prelude in G Minor

She had never meant
for it to be this way:
Her son, going, now long gone -
to join the king's glorious army,
leaving behind sweet certainty
to find worldly chaos.

Around them swirled chaos,
as if it were meant
to crush that certainty
as it walked its lonely way,
feeding the dust of the army -
weeping now that they're gone.

And his father had gone
long ago, bringing chaos.
The child dreamed of his own army,
not knowing what it meant,
and preferring to find his way
without certainty.

They marched with such certainty -
childhood innocence gone.
And all along the demon's way
marched the shadows of chaos.
Knowing fully what that meant,
he still followed that blind army.

Hark! A dove approached the army,
singing its muddy certainty.
It was what he'd meant
to see since his father had gone
away to find chaos;
it sang its alchemy along the way.

It was the way
its song overtook the army,
fending off chaos
and shedding feathers of certainty.
But the dove had gone,
leaving guesses as to what its song had meant.

Over time, in its own way,
the dove still touched the army,
protecting them from chaos.

Gah! See? Horrible! Well, it's my first try, and I'll probably do a better job next time. ^_^