"No Solace Here"
by AMS - 5/25/02

Do you expect me to beg?
A martyr for a faith
Standing on my last leg

I guess you'll push me to my knees
To confess my indiscretions,
And all my sins? Oh, please.

I'll take your Holy Water absolution
And shove it down your throat
I'll be left to reach my own conclusion

Purge my sin and all my lies,
You fucking hypocrite
You'll watch me with tainted eyes

I cannot find the answers within these
Hypocrites in the House of God
Religion can't put my mind at ease

There's no solace here to cherish
Just empty promises and feigned naïveté
In these stained glass walls I will perish

How can you pray with those
Dirty lips you lick?
Whispering desires no one knows

Tell me how your halo shines
When you're violating purity
And breaking the confines

Where are your satin wings
While you're lusting after 'beauty'
And other 'forbidden' things?

Where's your Goddamn savior
When the world comes crashing down?
Where is He now?

So NO,
I won't beg
I'm no martyr
I've got no leg to stand on…