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Phoenix sighed, her long fingers curled into her lover's hair. She pressed a light kiss to his forehead, then his cheeks as a few light touches tickled his neck.

A soft groan came from the man's throat, large emerald eyes opening. "Afternoon already?" he asked in a raspy voice.

The red-haired woman grinned, brown eyes glinting, "No"

Emerald met brown with a flash of annoyance, "Then why did you wake me up?" he whined.

She shrugged, leaning her head on his shoulder, hands leaving the long silver hair, "Lonely?" she offered softly.

Blanc sighed, wrapping an arm around her waist and petting her hair with his free hand, "I… I know it's hard Phi," he began, trying to figure out what to say, "But, it wasn't your fault. He made the choice, so you could be free. Live your own life. To make up for the Hell he had you go through…"

Phoenix shook her head against his shoulder, tears welling in her eyes. He didn't understand. The one and only person she loved, ever would love, was gone. Sacrificing himself for her. Blanc knew she didn't "love" home, he was there for support, a shoulder to rip apart (or cry on), and a warm bed. Her silent sobs increased at the thought. How could she have let him do that. Why couldn't he understand? Her dark shoulders shook as the tears fell onto the younger man's pale skin.

The silver haired youth ran his fingers along her scalp, trying to comfort her, but not being able to find the words. Normally, he'd just call the person a selfish prick, as they weren't the only ones that loved that person. But, this was different. Phoenix had just rediscovered her love. She hadn't had anything, but then… she got Him and her world seemed to change. He twirled a piece of hair in between his fingers as he thought. But, she did have a few things of his left. The company, which she let Axe run, since he loved tormenting the workers. The apartment, which she never slept at… And, then…

"Mommy!" a high voice called from behind the door, a quiet knocking hitting it.

Her son.


Phoenix Behind the Scenes I

By: Shadow Kei


"That's a rap!" a slightly short, teen yelled through a megaphone, shades slipping down her nose as she jumped from her seat.

All the actors exited the stage, snagging drinks from the refreshment table.

Blanc leaned against the wall beside Nigel looking at them, "You know what, it isn't fair that we haven't had any screen time in like, what three chapters!" he whined a slightly high French accented voice.

Nigel snorted waving his hand, "Yes, I agree. And when we do have time. They don't let me talk! They are just like "Dude just grunt!" DAMNIT I GRADUATED FROM HARVARD I DESERVE BETTER THAN GRUNTING!"

Blanc rolled his eyes, "Calm down my friend, our contracts say that we get at least -,"

"Hey dudes! Look it's the dorks that can't even get on screen a full three minutes!" Maxwell yelled, pointing and laughing.


Blanc waved his hand, "Nigel, why get into an argument with this simpleton, when everyone knows he is only on screen because of his looks."

Maxwell's mouth dropped, "You sayin' I can't act man?"

"Oh, he can actually think. Good show."

The brunet glared raising his fist ready to punch the silver haired youth in the face.

Phoenix appeared almost out of nowhere, standing in front of Blanc, "Maxwell, could you please not fight. You can't bruise Blanc, he is supposed to show up in the next chapter, remember?"

Maxwell practically melts as he hears the redhead's voice, and sees her smile, "O-of course… I wasn't going to hit him.." he stuttered, looking into her deep eyes.

She smiled at him, before he turned and walked away.

She turned around to Blanc and Nigel, "You okay, yes?" she asked sweetly, almost immediately curling up to Blanc's side.

The youth blushed, "Ah, yeah"

Marie walked by, stopping by them, "Ah, hey Phoenix!" she grinned, wearing her glasses, eyes bright green.

Phoenix smiled brightly, "Good evening Marie! Have fun running Emerald over?" she winked.

Marie blushed a bit, "Well he deserved it, he is such a perv!"


Marie rolled her eyes, "Is it true that Blanc and Nigel are supposed to be in next chapter?"

Nigel nods, "Yes, if anyone DECIDES TO GET OFF THEIR ASS AND WRITE IT!" he yelled in the direction of the director/writer.

Kei doesn't bother to look up from the Gameboy she took from her brother as she flicks him off.

"I swear she needs a work ethic" Nigel mutters and shakes his head, beginning to mumble about stupid things their employer had done in the past few days of work.

Phoenix shakes her head, "Oh go easy on her Nige' she does have school, and family and everything else going on for her other than this you know"

Nigel rolled his eyes, "She doesn't do her work, she hadn't written for this seriously before the last two chapters since before October! And her friends, she doesn't need those! She needs to pay us more! We aren't even going by our contracts! This stupid… THING was supposed to be over with by February 7th!" he yelled, slowly beginning to rant.

Marie laughed behind a hand, pretending to cough, "I see.. Maybe she planned on killing you, because my contract doesn't have a termination date"

"Mine either"

"Not mine"

Nigel huffed and stomped off, suddenly feeling no love.

Axel took his place, "Hey guys!"

"Aren't you supposed to be fixing the sets?" Blanc asked curiously, edging away from the pierced boy.

"Um.. Yeah.. But you know…" Axel rolled his eyes, "Dude, I am not going to jump your bones. I only do that when I get paid for it,"

Blanc didn't relax, he just tried to hide behind a piece of glass standing near by.

Axel rolls his eyes again, "Man.. I am so tired of this whole grip gig. I want to get in there damnit! Doesn't she know that those grips are horny ass bastards! Look at the Joshs! Jesus the G. and H. I swear, when I got in there, they were all over my ass. Yes I know it's a nice ass, BUT DAMN!"

Phoenix and Marie giggled, both blushing a bit.

Axel turned to Blanc and winked at him, just to bother him.

"What about Aoi?" Phoenix asked curiously.

"Ah, dragon breath? He gets to be in the back figuring out how much all this will cost. Since Kei, decided that she didn't want to set a budget before starting this.. I think we are at like twenty five thousand so far."

Kei flicked Axel off, hearing him with her big ass pointed ears. At least they were good for something.

Axel made a face at her back, which resulted in a water bottle being thrown at his head. It was strange, to him, how she knew when he made faces at her, as he didn't notice the mirror she was watching him in.

"So Phoenix.."


"What are you doing this weekend?"

Blanc's eyes widened, "I will tell Kei!"

"Shut up! Dumbass vamp. So, as I was saying, want to head out? I know this great Italian place"


"Italian, I meant Greek" he winked.

Phoenix rolled her eyes as a blush crept on her face, "Sorry but I'm washing my hair"

The spiky haired man was all over her, "Oh really, can I help?" he kissed her ear.

A boot came in contact with his head.


"Squit fsk'in with the characters you dum-ass! You aren't allowed to sleep with anyone until you're neutered!"

Axel paled and ran away, off to do the whole grip gig.


~end transmission~

3:35 PM March 8th, 2003